Wrestling personalities, friends, mourn the death of Verne Gagne


Wrestling personalities and friends of Verne Gagne went on Twitter to offer their condolences after the 89 year old legend passed away yesterday.

“Sad to hear my longtime friend Verne Gagne has passed today. To me their was never anybody quite like him. May you rest in peace,” said Gene Okerlund, who got his start in professional wrestling in the AWA under Gagne.

The Iron Sheik, who Gagne tried to bribe to hurt Hulk Hogan for real when he jumped to the WWF, wrote, “Verne Gagne, my first coach, boss and friend in the America. God bless him forever.”

Eric Bischoff said that this one hits “close to home”, as it was Gagne who gave him his first start in the business, first in the sales department and then as an on-air personality. “On a plane and just heard the news about Verne Gagne. This one hits close and hurts. My thoughts, prayers and gratitude are with his family.” Bischoff worked for Gagne until the AWA folded.

WWE and TNA also paid their respects.

“WWE is saddened to learn that @WWE Hall of Famer Verne Gagne passed away Monday at the age of 89,” read a statement on WWE’s Twitter. The WWE.COM website also had a short history on Gagne.

“#TNA joins the entire wrestling world as we mourn the passing of Verne Gagne. A true legend who will never be forgotten. #RIP,” said another statement from TNA.

Vince McMahon, who only uses Twitter when something important is announced, wrote, “Our hearts go out to Verne Gagne’s family and friends.”