Betting odds for Hell In A Cell 2017


Another month, another pay-per-view…and another look at the current betting odds for tonight’s show, Hell In A Cell.

Jinder Mahal remains the favorite going in to win the match with odds at 1/3, while Shinsuke Nakamura is at 2/1.

In the two Hell In A Cell matches, Kevin Owens is at 1/7 to defeat Shane O’Mac while the Smackdown Commissioner is at 4/1. The Usos are also now favorites to win the match and the Smackdown Tag Team titles with odds at 4/9 while The New Day are at 13/8 to retain.

Charlotte Flair is 1/7 to win the match and the title tonight while Natalya is at 4/1 to retain. Baron Corbin is also favorite to win his United States title match against AJ Styles, with Corbin at 4/6 and Styles at 11/10 in the odds.

In other matches, Bobby Roode is at 1/8 favorite over Dolph Ziggler who is at 9/2, Randy Orton is 2/9 favorite against Rusev who is at 3/1, and in the Kickoff match, Gable and Benjamin have 1/10 odds while The Hype Bros are at 11/2.

If odds prove to be correct, we could see three title changes out of four tonight. Odds are correct as of 2PM EST and will likely change by bell time.