AT&T Stadium nearly complete to host WrestleMania 32


The stage for WrestleMania 32 is pretty much ready for show time as the latest picture from inside the stadium shows the final preparations being done.

A huge star will serve as the stage which leads to the ramp, with both the star and the ramp seamlessly morphing into each other. Big LED screens serve as the backdrop on the stage with the WrestleMania 32 and another huge star hang on the top.

The colorful light steel structures look like spider legs with the Hell In A Cell cage pretty much hiding in the middle. Large LCD screens are installed on each side but they are dwarfed by the massive screens high above.

The only thing still missing are the chairs which will occupy the floor of the stadium. The AT&T Stadium will welcome the biggest audience in WrestleMania history tomorrow.

You can see the new photo from inside the stadium below.

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