Asuka chooses the Smackdown Women’s title for WrestleMania 34


After winning the Royal Rumble in January, Asuka has now finally decided which title she’s going after: the Smackdown Women’s title.

With both champions in the ring after the Rumble, her celebration was cut short by the arrival of Ronda Rousey. Asuka never chose which title she wanted to wrestle for although rumors were that she would be switching brands to Smackdown. After the Smackdown Women’s title match ended last night, the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow came down to the ring for a face-to-face encounter with Charlotte and then pointed to the WrestleMania sign.

With Asuka choosing Smackdown, the Raw Women’s title match program can finally start on Raw tonight and Nia Jax is expected to be Alexa Bliss’ opponent although there could be a third person involved as well. Last year Bliss walked into WrestleMania as the Smackdown Women’s champion but lost the title to Naomi in a six-pack challenge match. The Raw women’s title was a fatal 4-way match which Bayley won.