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Asuka takes on Japanese wrestling media in series of social media posts


Former WWE Women’s champion Asuka wrote a series of posts on X bashing the Japanese wrestling scene and its media, accusing the latter of hating her during her stint there before joining WWE.

“In Japan, everyone was flirting with the media except me,” she said, referring to her former colleagues. “I fought the media alone to take care of my fans. That’s why some of the Japanese media still hate me.”

Asuka said that it’s the reason why she was always a freelancer and has always been anti-Joshi Pro. She added that the STARDOM promotion was created to defeat her and to destroy her personally.

“But they failed to defeat me. I don’t know what happened to them after that because I came to America,” she continued.

The former champ wondered how much the Japanese wrestling media wanted her to fail when she came to the United States but she’s used to it now.

“Now that I am here, I have comrades in arms. Charlotte, Becky, HHH and… I’ve walked alone in the wilderness all my life, and here I have an oasis,” she wrote. “To the Asuka antis, I say, beat me up on the Internet all you want. I grab everything.”

Asuka concluded her series of posts by saying what she wrote was to describe how the scene was before she came to WWE in 2015 so she doesn’t know how it’s going in the present day.

Fellow Japanese star Kairi, who is returning to WWE, has also cited unhappiness in Japan as a reason for leaving again.

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