Arrow’s Stephen Amell finally gets his wish on Raw


Stephen Amell, star of The CW’s Arrow television series, described last night as his best night ever following his involvement on Monday Night Raw.

Amell was sitting at ringside and was shoved by Stardust after the Neville vs King Barrett match. This time, Amell responded, jumped the security wall, hopped over the top rope and speared Stardust before following with some ground and pound. WWE security then came over and held Amell back as fans chanted “let them fight.”

On Twitter, Amell told former WWE champion Edge that he hoped he didn’t mind that he borrowed his move. “If anyone needs me I’ll be trying to figure out a way for this day to never end,” he added.

The 34 year old life-long WWE fan then had a backstage segment with Triple H, delivering his lines like a true superstar and asking for a tag team match at SummerSlam, a match which he got. Amell had been campaigning for a spot on WWE television for months.

Several mainstream media websites covered Amell’s involvement on Raw including Entertainment Weekly, USA Today,, Yahoo! News, and more. You can watch the full segment below.