Ariane “Cameron” Andrew thanks fans following release from WWE


Former Total Divas cast member and WWE Superstar Cameron said that the past few days were “pretty intense” to say the least, first showing her support to Ryback’s statement about equal pay and then getting released two days later.

Cameron thanked the fans for their outpouring love and support that she received yesterday however wants to release a full statement in a few days after she “takes this all in.”

After controversially backing Ryback’s statement, Cameron – real name Ariane Andrew – said that she was a victim of cyber bullying after fans keep harassing her for things she said on Tough Enough 5 years ago or for her botched pin attempt on Raw.

“My ‘Amen brother’ comment has seemed to bother some of the IWC who hasn’t taken the time to actually comprehend the substance of Ryback’s statement. I fully support my peers in WWE and I respect those who have the courage to stick up for what they believe in,” she wrote. “Regardless of whether I agree with his feelings or not, I applaud Ryback for standing up for himself and openly speaking his mind. If you don’t value yourself and believe in yourself there is no reason for anybody else to.”