Another married couple get teamed up for Mixed Match Challenge


Rusev and Lana will not be the only husband and wife to be teaming up for Mixed Match Challenge as Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan paired up Jimmy Uso and his wife Naomi for the tournament.

“Obviously I want my wife Naomi,” Jimmy Uso told Byron Saxton outside the GM office. He said he doesn’t want Naomi just because she’s his wife but because he knows she will have his back 100%.

When Jimmy walked in Bryan’s office, the lights went out and Naomi’s theme kicked in as an individual wearing her glowing outfit walked in. Jimmy started hugging the person and then the lights came on…and it was Daniel Bryan! Bryan then introduced Naomi as Jimmy’s tag team partner.

The Smackdown crew has certainly taken a comedic side to reveal the pairings for the Mixed Match Challenge. You can see the video below.