All charges against Heath Slater from WM 27 weekend incident dropped


The Fulton County Solicitor’s Office confirmed that assault charges against Heath Slater brought against him for an alleged incident at WrestleMania 27 weekend in Atlanta have been dropped.

A hotel security guard, Corinne Oliver, who was on duty at the WrestleMania staff party said at the time that Slater invited her to his room after the party and when she refused he put her in a chokehold and dragged her anyway. Oliver managed to escape and reported the incident to her superior the next day and only went to the police in June, two months after the alleged incident occurred.

A misdemeanor arrest warrant was issued against Slater – real name Heath Miller – in December, and WWE took Slater off the road and TV pending the outcome of the case.

Slater denied all charges and called them “completely frivolous” and said that he was innocent.

The court said the charges were dropped because the statute of limitation had expired.