Alexa Bliss not medically cleared, taken off the Money In The Bank ladder match


Alexa Bliss has been taken off the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match after she was not medically cleared to compete. The news was announced by WWE today.

The reason for the removal is not stated but Bliss had issues in the past with concussions which left her out of the Evolution pay-per-view this past October. She eventually returned at the Royal Rumble this year but barely wrestled since. She missed WrestleMania as far as in-ring activity goes and was given the host role instead.

Bliss did not wrestle this week on Raw and instead Nikki Cross replaced her. And speaking of Nikki Cross, WWE also announced that she is the “suitable replacement” for Alexa Bliss and they revealed her involvement in the match a few hours after the Bliss announcement.