AJ Styles addresses the Too Sweet hand gesture at the end of his match


The Finn Balor vs AJ Styles match at last night’s TLC ended with the Too Sweet hand sign, in what many saw as a clear FU to The Young Bucks, who received a cease and desist letter from WWE a few weeks ago over their constant use of the gesture.

The Twitter-world was all up in arms over what happened and one individual wrote that Vince McMahon flew AJ Styles all the way from South America at the last minute to “throw a televised middle finger in the Young Bucks’ face.”

AJ Styles took note of the tweet and actually replied, explaining that Vince McMahon had nothing to do with the Too Sweet sign between him and Balor. “In fact, I say it was two men showing the world that we haven’t forgotten where we came from. Forever will we love our BC brothers,” Styles wrote.

Balor was short and sweet in his Twitter message, writing just, “TOO SWEET.” The Young Bucks did not address what happened publicly yet.

Both Superstars are former leaders of the Bullet Club faction.