Davey Boy Smith Jr helps woman from committing suicide from a bridge


Harry Smith, better known to fans as Davey Boy Smith Jr, wrote on Facebook today that his years trained as a grappler helped save a woman from committing suicide.

Smith described how he saw a woman hanging off a bridge in Calgary and he stopped to help. “She was crying and an emotional mess and threatening to jump if I got closer,” he wrote. As people on the ground tried to convince her not to do it, Smith went into action and grabbed the woman. “She started to slide,” he wrote. “Luckily my years of grappling and self defense I know how to grab her hard and how to pull her up from hanging off and jumping.”

Noting that she “wasn’t exactly small either,” Smith said that the woman told him she had a gun too and demanded that he let her go. He told her that he was an experienced grappler and there was no way she was going to get out of the hold.

Eventually police arrived and arrested the woman and she is currently receiving treatment.

“I’m glad I was at service to help somebody today and my years of grappling came into play.”