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Adnan Virk’s baptism by fire on Raw trends on Twitter


New Raw commentator Adnan Virk is getting the Mike Adamle treatment from WWE fans and Virk was trending on Twitter during the show, and still is, for all the wrong reasons.

Virk, who replaced Tom Phillips with the first post-Mania Raw, is having baptism by fire and WWE fans have not been so kind to him.

“Turned on RAW and heard Adnan Virk say ‘we’re going to need a bigger boat.’ Turned off RAW,” read one tweet. “Tom Phillips > Adnan Virk,” said another one. “I’m sorry but this guy f*cking SUCKS! He literally brings ZERO excitement, he does more harm than good to the show,” was another harsh assessment.

Twitter was also filled with memes relating to the subject as the internet wrestling community voiced their displeasure.

Some jumped to Virk’s defense, saying you cannot blame him for being thrown into the fire without no previous experience calling a wrestling show. One individual likened asking Virk to make Raw entertaining to “asking a fish to climb a tree.”

Virk was hired after he had an audition in February and was pushed by new WWE President Nick Khan. Khan was Virk’s agent before he moved to WWE last year.

The sportscaster admitted that he made a lot of mistakes in his first week but vowed to improve.

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