Adam Rose publishes letter from doctor after Wellness Program suspension

In a follow-up to his original letter after his Wellness Policy suspension, WWE Superstar Adam Rose released a letter from his doctor who said Rose, real name Ray Leppan, is being treated for ADHD.

“He has chronic signs and symptoms of ADHD, determined through a very thorough psychiatric exam on 4/30/15,” the letter says. “He takes Aderall XR, which is an FDA-approved treatment for ADHD, and we have followed all standard of care protocols during this treatment, which has gone very well.”

The doc added that the prescribed medication is complaint with his treatment recommendations.

Rose was suspended last moth for his second strike in the Wellness Program and was sent home for 60 days. He repeated the fact that he did nothing knowingly wrong and was only following protocol. After he was suspended he challenged WWE about his suspension which he called shocking.