A very friendly Brock Lesnar shoots the sh!t with TMZ after SummerSlam


TMZ caught up with the new WWE champion Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman outside Morton’s Steakhouse in Los Angeles after he had dinner following his victory at the pay-per-view.

When asked what’s left for Brock after conquering the streak and becoming the champion, Lesnar said that he looks at this as he’s just getting started.

“What did you eat to celebrate?” asked the TMZ reporter. A smiling Brock Lesnar was about to answer before Heyman aptly replied, “We ate John Cena tonight!”

Heyman was carrying both titles for Lesnar and TMZ asked if he’s going to merge both belts now. “I ain’t carrying two friggin belts are you kidding me?” smiled Lesnar. He showed the World title which still had John Cena’s name on it. “Look at that shit,” added Lesnar, who was in a very good mood.

And any final words for John Cena?

“I came, I saw, I conquered, I kicked your ass,” Lesnar said. “Go home, lick your wounds, I double dare you to come back for another ass whooping!”

You can see the video below.