8 out of 10 WWE departments register increase in Q4 2015


WWE had a strong quarter with eight out of ten business segments registering an increase compared to the prior year quarter.

WWE Network registered $37.2 million in revenue, up from $23.3 million; PPV registered $3.6 million from 274,000 worldwide buys for three events; Television revenues went up 10% to $55.5 million from $50.5 million; Digital Media increased to $7.6 million from $4.0 million; Live Events went up 22% to $32.9 million thanks to higher ticket prices and more attendances; Licensing went up 5% to $9.6 million; Venue merchandise increased 22% to $4.4 million; and WWEShop.com revenue increased 30% to $10 million.

The two departments which didn’t do so well are Home Entertainment, which includes DVD/Blu-Ray sales. This dropped to $2.6 million from $7.8 million in the prior year quarter and WWE Studios did $1.8 million in revenue, down from $2.9 million from last year.