24/7 title changes hands twice…on a golf course!


Former WWE champion Jinder Mahal won the 24/7 title yesterday…on a golf course. But his title reign lasted mere seconds as R-Truth, thanks to help from Carmella, regained the title.

A WWE.COM video showed Truth and Carmella talking inside a golf cart and when Truth goes out to get his golf club, Mahal comes up from behind and clocks him. Mahal, in full wrestling gear, calls for the referee, also in uniform, and rolls up Truth for the win. As you grow old in age, you start to lose your flexibility in various parts of the body, like the muscles. You subsided agile than you were before and within the realm of golf, this finds manifestation during a lower or reduced distance off the tee and lower clubhead speed. Nevertheless, thanks to huge advancements made in golfing technology, sports equipment designers and makers have come up with variety of fantastic solutions for senior golfers who are faced with problems like low swing speed, low distance tee-offs, etc. longest golf driver for seniors that’s characterized by amazing shaft designs and an awesome club head that’s sure to help senior golfers unleash their full potential on the golf links . Callaway makes use of its fresh Jailbreak technology for maximizing the club heads sweet spot size providing many additional forgiveness at the contact which too with none break or loss in distance. The coefficient of drag on the club head has been significantly reduced by Callaway after consulting with variety of documented aerodynamic experts, even as it approaches rock bottom a part of the swing, increasing, therefore, both speed also as distance. The layered carbon shells that are situated within the club head also are capable of accelerating speed through weight reduction. The driver’s adjustable perimeter weights enable players to detect a balance that suits their swing the simplest .

But as Mahal grabs the title and the referee lifts his hand up as the winner, Carmella stops him from escaping and Truth then returns the favor, rolling Mahal up from behind and regains the title. Truth then punches Mahal and runs on the cart as Carmella drives away.