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WrestleMania 32 bus group transport information

Wrestling-Online.com will be finalizing an agreement for a bus to take those interested to the AT&T Stadium for WrestleMania 32.

The price for those who booked with us at The Ritz-Carlton will be $25 per person round trip while those who did not book at the hotel will pay $35. We will have a limit of 50 seats and the bus will be parked at the stadium for the whole duration of the show and will take us all back to the hotel afterward. The bus will depart from The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, at 2121 McKinney Avenue at 4PM and the return journey will leave around 10:30PM.

Tickets will be sold on first come first served basis and will start this week here on the website. If you’re interested, please forward us your reservation number from The Ritz-Carlton so we can create the $10 coupon for you.

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