Dynamite TV report for 02/08/2023

Arena: El Paso County Coliseum

City: El Paso, Tx

Last Week’s Rating: 901,000 overall; 0.31 in 18-49 demo

It’s Wednesday night, it’s Dynamite.  Let’s go.


Excalibur welcomed us to Championship Fight Night along with Taz and Tony Schiavone.  For the first time ever ‘all four championships are in play’.

MJF vs Konosuke Takeshita, Eliminator Match for AEW Title

Backstory: Takeshita stopped MJF attacking Danielson last week and the two had to be separated while brawling backstage

Max had ‘2024’ inscribed on his jacket and looks like he’s been hitting the gym.  The venue was heavily blacked-out though it didn’t stop Takeshita receiving a healthy pop.

Successful in offering a handshake, MJF quickly took advantage with a kick to the gut but made the mistake of Irish-whipping the Japanese who took to the air for his flying clothesline then launched ten punches in the corner but was cut-off at nine and Manhattan dropped.  Immediately coming back with a leaping knee, he was readying a knee to the face when Max pulled the ref in front and used the advantage to begin working on his opponent’s arm.

Schiavone really went after him for using the ref.

‘Let’s go Maxwell/Maxwell sucks!’

A hammerlock ddt bought a two count, Takeshita in trouble until ducking a lariat and launching an exploder into the corner.  Following up with a big boot, he hit another but missed badly on a third and was rolled up for two.  Until fighting back via sheer drop for another close count.

Though he was already visibly holding his arm.

Didn’t stop him going up top though to shimmy like Eddie then launch a perfect frog splash as the near falls continued.  Crowd went crazy.

Max looked for Salt of the Earth, Takeshita rolled through several times then countered a piledriver into one of his own right into a deadlift German.  Max took a powder.  Takeshita pursued and went splat on the mats.

Though he quickly rebounded to fling Max into the ring post then volley at his guts but was crotched as he once again went topside.  MJF followed him up and was about to fall victim to a clothesline until the champ flipped out to land on his feet.  Each rebounded off the ropes to strike, MJF staggered Takeshita with a discus; Takeshita dropped him with a wicked lariat.

Takeshita dragged himself over to cover, Max converted it into Salt of he Earth, Takeshita stacked him for two to break the hold then took flight with a senton as Max bailed to the outside.

Back in the ring, Takeshita rolled down his knee pad, Max took notice and bailed back outside.  Before again using the ref as a shield to launch a sneak attack then several knees to the import’s injured arm.  But missed a final one, Takeshita slugged him with forearms, Max raked the eye then planted him with a powerbomb across the knee.  Though immediately began selling his own knee, getting up right into a blue thunder bomb then a running knee to the face.

Max got his foot on the ropes at 2.9.

Takeshita missed a senton atomico, MJF transitioned right into SotE, the challenger scrambled for the ropes, Max dragged him back middle, bridging up to add pressure as Takeshita tapped.

Good opener.  Though never for a second thought Takeshita would win even without the title on the line.  Outside of that they certainly made him look a credible threat.

Post-match, Max took aim with his diamond ring then began firing shots from the mount until his eyes bugged out as Danielson’s music hit.  Max fled.

The doctors checked on a bleeding Takeshita.


‘What stands before you is your assurance that all is right in the universe,’ exclaimed Samoa Joe with a belt over each shoulder.  He gave Allin props for being brave and worthy.  Which is more than he can say about Wardlow.  Joe threatened to reveal Wardlow’s secrets, week by week, before again vowing – as he had with Darby – to take ‘everything’ from those who wanted to take his title.

I adore this man.  He should be champ in perpetuity.

Jamie Hayter vs the Bunny, Eliminator Match for AEW Women’s Title

Backstory: Bunny challenged Hayter last week

If the challenger in the opener seemed unlikely to win, Jamie’s opponent would need an apocalypse.

Britt and Rebel accompanied the champ as they showed footage of Saraya and Storm attacking Britt last week.  The locals chanted the champ’s name as Schiavone again ranted against MJF.

Hayter quickly clasped a headlock then ran through the Bunny with shoulder charges.  The Bunny caught her in a leg-choke out of the corner but was brought inside from the apron via suplex.

The action spilled outside where the Bunny suplexed the champ so that her legs landed on the steel steps.

Break time.

Both were down as we returned.  Britt had once again found a Hayterade sign in the crowd, Penelope Ford ripped it to pieces.  On the subject, Hayter began launching exploder suplexes.  The second did not go well as the Bunny kind of fell awkwardly to the mat.

Jamie picked her up for the Hayterade to win.

This was a waste of time.  There are plenty of women Jamie could’ve had a good match with before winning if they wanted her to do so on tv.

WINNER: Jamie Hayter

Toni Storm and Saraya with Renee.  Backstage.  Saraya sarcastically congratulated Jamie on her win but said she was a loser like everyone else here.  Bringing in Leva Bates, Saraya noted that her name ‘began with L’.  Storm attacked from behind, they spray-painted ‘L’ on her before Saraya announced that they weren’t here to make friends, they were here ‘to take over’.

And the NWO rip-off is complete.  This sucked.  The assault was weak and we’ve been given no reason to care about Leva Bates.  Nor is there any reason for Jamie or Britt to care either.  Using Rebel for this would’ve been much more effective.

Lexi Nair with MJF.  Max gave Takeshita credit for being ‘really good’ but that he wasn’t on his level.  Max didn’t know if the people hated him because he’s twisted or if he became twisted because the people hate him but he does know that adversity is what really makes a man.  Remembering when he first faced it.

He then told a story about speeding in the rain, crashing, tasting blood and badly injuring his high-school crush in the car with him.  Really can’t believe they allowed this after what just happened.

He then heard sirens in the distance and switched seats with her.  There are winners and losers and he’s a winner.  He ranted that Danielson would lose before the ppv.

Ricky Starks vs Angelo Parker

Backstory: Starks has to beat all of the JAS to get another match with Jericho

And the pointless matches keep coming here on Championship Fight Night.  Schiavone noted that he hadn’t realized Starks was going to face all of the JAS on the same night.  Makes two of us.  They might have wanted to emphasize that.

Straight to a scrap, Parker went for a bunch of early covers, avoided the Roshambeaux then ate a Spear to lose quickly.

Ricky Starks vs Matt Menard

Menard snuck in and was immediately rolled up.

Ricky Starks vs Daniel Garcia

Garcia’s music hit, he strutted down the aisle until Sammy’s hit too.  Garcia didn’t know what was going on.

Speaking of, Starks now has to beat both Garcia and Guevara.  They definitely said it was one or the other last week.  Though suppose they should be given credit for avoiding similarities with the MJF/BD storyline.

Taz then announced that if Starks wins here he faces Jericho tonight.  The hell’s going on?

Garcia used a distraction from Guevara to take over.


Garcia went for the Dragon Tamer as we returned, Starks fought free and went for a Spear which Garcia turned into a front guillotine.  Starks eventually hoisted him up to blast him with a powerbomb.  Both guys down.

Garcia launched a superplex, Starks rolled through to drop him with a northern lights bomb then readied a Roshambeaux.  Garcia slipped to the apron to avoid it.  Where the two fought until Starks planted him with a Spear.

A ‘fan’ – clearly a masked Jericho – then weakly hit Ricky from the crowd.  The announcers talked about it being a back elbow, insinuating a Judas Effect.  Though couldn’t for the life of them work out who it was.

Garcia quickly rolled Starks inside to win.

An early taste of the upcoming iron man match in that the crowd weren’t into these earlier sequences since they knew there was more to come.  Until there wasn’t.

The announcers put over that Jericho saved himself from having to face Starks tonight.  Though still couldn’t get their story straight as they said that would’ve been next, ignoring that they’d said earlier he had to beat Sammy too.

A mess.

WINNER: Daniel Garcia

Renee with Billy Gunn & the Acclaimed.  Billy said he was pulled in a bunch of different directions, he cared about all four guys so he’s going to stay in the back tonight.  Caster said they were cool with it, Bowens seemed anything but.  They scissored to end the seg.

That’ll be the main event.

Renee with Danielson who was checking on Takeshita.  The door then shut, locking them all in as Rush’s music could be heard.

Rush vs Bryan Danielson

Backstory: Danielson once again must win, once again with a badly injured shoulder, once again MJF has paid his opponent to hurt him

Rush struggled to defeat Christopher Daniels on Friday so don’t rate his chances here.  This’ll be the last of these: if BD wins, he’s #1 contender.

A dude in the crowd was vibing hard with Rush’s theme.

MJF’s was next.  Limping to the ring, he told Aubrey that according to the rules she should begin a ten count.  Which she did.  Danielson broke down the door with his injured shoulder then raced to the ring.  Aubrey deliberately counted slowly; Danielson made it.

Max joined on comms.

Immediately ranting about Aubrey’s count as Rush poked and prodded a weakened Danielson.  Have to acknowledge that they at least made a big issue of Danielson having to win here.

After a chop fest, Rush hit a rebound German then a running knee.  Before beating Danielson around ringside.  With Danielson bleeding, Rush licked the blood from his fingers.

This beating continued for several minutes.

Until Danielson caught Rush entering the ring, another chop fest broke out on the apron, Danielson punching Rush to his back only for the Mexican to send Danielson plummeting to the floor, right on his shoulder.

Face covered in blood, Danielson got the LeBell Lock as we returned.  Rush got the break, bailing outside where Danielson followed with a suicide dive.  Then a running dropkick with Rush propped against the barricade.

A ‘Si! Si! Si!’ chant broke out as the Dragon came off the top, Rush down as the crowd chanted that this was awesome.  Si! kicks were next until the last was caught, back up into a chop fest, Danielson’s chest almost as red as his face.

They beat the crap out of each other in the corner until Danielson hit his running dropkick.  Rush was ready on a third and cut him off, straightjacket piledriver, two only after an arrogant cover.

Schiavone warned MJF to keep that in mind for Revolution.  Which greatly irritated Max – who wants to believe Danielson won’t even make it to the ppv.  Tony’s awesome.

Bull’s Horns at the ready, Danielson met him mid-way via Busaiku Knee, Rush kicked out at two.  Struggling back to their feet, they again slugged it out in the middle.

Headbutts followed, Danielson wobbled then fired up.  Both launched headbutts at the same time, the crowd again went crazy.  Another rebound German – though Danielson this time rolled through to launch a second Busaiku Knee to bag the incredibly hard-fought win.

MJF, for once, was silent.

This was as physical as wrestling gets and the crowd were into it unlike anything else so far.  Great fight, great atmosphere.  With a proper angle behind it.

Really felt like Danielson had accomplished something.  The match for Revolution is now set.

Max headed straight for the ring where Danielson could barely stand, dropping him with the ring then locking in the Salt of the Earth, Danielson too weak to even sell the move.

A bunch of staff finally got him to break the hold.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Schiavone was backstage with a couple of the Impractical Jokers guys.  Who had Floyd and talked trash about Jericho.  Who apparently wanted a ‘loofah scented candle’.

They challenged Jericho to appear on the show tomorrow.  If the rest of it is as funny as that loofah gag…

The Elite vs Top Flight & AR Fox, Trios Titles

Backstory: Top Flight defeated the Bucks a couple weeks back then made this challenge

The crowd sang all the way through the Elite’s entrance then chanted their name.  Callis joined on comms.

Dante and Nick got us going with Dante immediately slipping on a landing but coming back to flip off Nick’s chest, land on his feet then immediately spring up into a dropkick.  There are NBA players who’d like Dante’s second jump.

He crotch-chopped the rest of the Elite before quick tags brought in all of their opponents to work over both Bucks until Omega entered to loud ‘Kenny’ chants.  Cut-off in the corner, Nick was the victim of more quick tags but made a blind one to his brother, Matt picking his spot to drop Darius across Nick’s knee.

Dante in to attempt a double armdrag, the Bucks cartwheeled through into double dropkicks, avoided a flying Fox who Omega cleaned-up with a clothesline.  Nick tagged Kenny.

The crowd hot until Omega shushed them so they could properly hear him blister Darius with chops then drop him across the knee via backbreaker as the break beckoned.

Schiavone made fun of Excalibur for calling the break too early.

Matt had Darius down as we returned, readying a superkick but using it to knock Dante and Fox off the apron instead.  Darius then avoided another and hit a Spanish fly until Nick came off the top via splash.

Omega avoided a Fox 450, the latter rolling through to land a senton on Nick then hit a rolling cutter on Kenny.  He then fought off both Bucks with a dropkick to Nick in the corner, smoothly rolling through to kip-up into a cutter on Matt, avoiding a Nick punt then springing up into a second cutter.

Then took flight across both sides of the ring, launching three dives in total to take out the Bucks and leave Omega down in the ring.  Who he hit with a senton atomico for two.

Omega threw fists, got a boot up in the corner but was brought crashing to the mat off the top buckle as Fox tagged Dante back in.  He and Nick went at it (they were pretty fast and loose with tags and legality here) until Jackon was ole’d to the outside.  Dante avoided Matt too then dropped him with a tejeiras off Matt’s chest before being caught in locomotion.

A blind tag brought in all three only for Jackson to introduce the entire trio to the northern lights.

Nick back in, Dante too, Darius hit a tornado ddt off his brother’s chest for two.  Fox then launched a springboard senton onto Matt and Omega as the Martins hit their double team Nose Dive and Fox came off the top onto Nick via 450.  Omega just made the save from the outside.

Everyone then took everyone out until Fox was left alone with the Elite into a very smooth triple team Meltzer Driver.  Broken up at two.

The Bucks took out Top Flight, Omega missed a V-Trigger, Fox got two, Omega hit a dr. bomb for two of his own, hit a V-Trigger then readied the OWA.  Fox rolled through on the landing, avoided a lariat, missed an enziguri, Omega crucifixed him to bag the win.

A crazy, wild, very athletic match but one which wasn’t as smooth as the Elite’s usual outings.

WINNER: the Elite

Hook video package.  Very quick and nothing to it.


Though that was remedied as Stokely Hathaway ranted about the youngster.  Who’d caused dissension among the Firm.  Just happening to appear, Hook took Hathaway by the arm, and not in a Valentine’s way, warning Hathaway to ‘be cautious with those words, sir’.

Lexi was for some reason very concerned that Stokely was okay. They need to be careful with how much they require their talent to ‘act’.

The Acclaimed vs the Gunns, Tag Titles

Backstory: the Gunns made the challenge last week, Billy, sick of the four arguing, accepted on the champs’ behalf

Much like Friday, this doesn’t feel remotely like a main event.  A real test of the Acclaimed’s popularity.

‘Acclaimed’d still win if there were four of y’all, you will never finish us like the border wall.’  One of Caster’s best raps as he incorporated some insults in Spanish then finished by calling the Gunns the ‘Ass Boys’.

They were playing-up Billy remaining backstage on commentary.

Caster and Colten got us going, the former launching a high arm-drag then tagging his partner who lit Colten up with chops, tag back to Caster, off the top via double-sledge.  Then the pair scissored Gunn’s timbers as the ads arrived.

Austin tagged in as we returned, the Gunns hit crisp double-team moves to Caster until Austin was bridged to the outside.  Colten prevented the tag for a while until Max fought free, Bowens unloading on both brothers with kicks, strikes and clubbing blows to the neck.  The crowd chanting ‘si!’ as they had with Danielson.

He then hit his over the shoulder Fame-asser for two.  All four guys in; all four left laying.

As Austin got to his feet, he avoided a shot from Bowens, the ref didn’t, Austin then dropped Bowens with the quickdraw.  Then grabbed a title belt.  Bringing Billy to the ring.  He helped Bowens up, threw him out the way of an intended belt shot then ate one from Colten, leaving him laying.

The Acclaimed went after both, leaving Colten outside; Bowens hit the arrival on Austin, Caster the Mic Drop.  But the ref was still down.

Caster sort-of woke him.  Enough to deliver a slow count which Colten broke at two.  Bowens got another two via O’Connor roll, Austin kicked him off, Colten landed a belt shot from the apron, right into a roll-up as the Gunns stole the belts.

The crowd stunned.  Not in a good way.  Seemed like this ended early as there was a lot of dead time before a silent crowd as the show ended.

As someone who watches Dynamite and Rampage every week, I can’t name a single one of the Gunns’ moves or their finish.  And they’re the tag team champions.  Best division in the world.

WINNER: the Gunns


Next Rampage:

  • Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta vs Kip Sabian, Butcher & Blade
  • Jack Perry in action
  • Ruby Soho vs Marina Shafir
  • Mark Briscoe will speak

Next Dynamite:

  • Matches announced on Rampage


Overall impressions

All very well calling it Championship Fight Night.  When almost none of the outcomes are in doubt, it doesn’t mean much.  A poor show.

Check Out

  • Rush vs Bryan Danielson

Thanks for reading.




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