Dynamite TV report for 06/26/2024

Venue: KeyBank Center, Buffalo, NY


No intro again, right to MJF coming out to a massive pop, there are about 4,000 people here tonight and it shows.  Makes a big difference.  He brought a mic, fans chanted very loudly for him, and was about to start speaking when Dancin’ Daniel’s music interrupted.

He too got a nice pop in his hometown.  Max chilled against the ropes with a wry smile on his face.  But warned about interrupting him, he was glad the people loved Garcia but ‘tread lightly.’

Things started well as Garcia thanked Max for saving him ‘next week.’

Then said everything in Buffalo is his business.  He said he’s out here to do something no-one ever has before… ‘I’m gonna say nice things about MJF!’  Crowd sort of cheered.  Bit corny.

Garcia noted Max ‘main evented and made history’ as champ.  Then came backstage and had a convo that lit a fire under Garcia.

It’s a wonder this dude hasn’t burned to death with all the fires that have been lit.

And Max gave him a title shot which was one of the most embarrassing moments of Garcia’s life.  But sparked the ‘run of a lifetime and being part of the biggest matches and moments that this company has ever seen.’

He said he doesn’t want to be a pillar, he wants to be a foundation and a workhorse, something AEW can be built on.  Fans chanted his name.  He thanked Max again.  But warned that if Max talked shit now, he’d be real two-faced.

What an insult!  As Max himself noted when acknowledging that he’s been called two-faced most of his career.

Then shilled the ppv.  Where he’ll ‘Wrestle a guy who looks like a poorly drawn comic book character, Hechicero.’  He then pushed another event.  Finally getting to the point, Max said he’d planned on asking Garcia to come out.

So thanked him back.  After teasing the opposite of course.  Everything’s a swerve.  Max blathered some more about guys backstage thinking they deserve ‘my spot.’  But none are good enough.  But there’s one he thinks might be (ie Garcia).

He went into shill mode again re: his title reign.  Blather blather blather, didn’t come into the company expecting things, ‘you earned it.’  Blah blah blah, they have a lot in common, ‘New York pitbulls’ with bark and bite.

Then said he whupped Garcias scrawny little ass without breakin’ a goddamn (bleeped) sweat.  But since then Garcia’s got better and ascended the ladder.

So Max thinks Garcia deserves another shot at ‘the king.’  So challenged him to a match at Wembley.  Thank god, Ospreay’s music interrupted before Max was totally dragged to the mid-card by a Chippendale dancer.

And someone’s finally here who’s a major part of the ppv happening in four days.

He played to the crowd.  Then put over Garcia.  For racking up wins ‘quicker than I last in the bedroom, bruv.’  He apologized to his ‘missus.’  Then gave Garcia an International title match next week.  But said he’d put the AEW title on the line too after winning it.

Then offered his hand.  Garcia shook.  MJF had a face of thunder as the announcers said he’d been upstaged.  He sneered at Ospreay as he left.  Hated most of this; that’s nice subtle build for Ospreay/MJF.

Max cut Garcia off and said Danny needed to focus on that match and left.  Garcia looked like he’d been slighted.  His stripper music played and he gyrated.

They cut to Swerve backstage with Nana.  He wasn’t happy at Ospreay offering title matches when he didn’t have the belt yet.  And reiterated that Ospreay didn’t have the strength to hold two belts.  He said Ospreay has a focus problem, and that’s not a champion’s mindset.  He’ll see him later.

Fans were chanting ‘We can’t hear you!’ during this.

It feels like AEW’s nose grew exponentially during most of that.  I’m not the biggest Garcia fan because of the stupid dancing.  But also because I’m constantly told he’s newly motivated and what a roll he’s on.  When they haven’t shown any evidence of it.

‘We don’t believe you, you need more people,’ as Jay-Z once said to Nas.

Though after Tony Khan’s claim that AEW has the best women’s wrestling in the world, I genuinely don’t think he knows the difference between hyping something and just outright lying.  So probably encourages his wrestlers and announcers to go OTT.

While Max said no-one’s capable of taking his spot.  Well, Ospreay’s better in the ring, and his very real personality and way of talking made Max’s shtick seem extremely tired here.  He didn’t need ten minutes to get thirty seconds of words out.

Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta vs Shingo Takagi, Titan & Hiromu Takahashi

Backstory: Danielson’s on comms ahead of his clash with Shingo Sunday, the heels part of the faction led by Naito ahead of facing Moxley

The heels (?) here are known collectively as Los Ingobernables de Japon (LIJ).  Excalibur explained the foundation of the group, setup by Rush and Naito in CMLL.  Which must be some time ago because CMLL hate them some Rush these days.  Nice, quick synopsis though.  Good stuff.

Not much of a reaction for the New Japan guys.

Claudio and Shingo to start, the Swiss ran him through with a shoulder then grabbed a headlock when Shingo ducked too early.  Takagi tried to hit back with a shoulder, Claudio rocked but didn’t budge, they brawled, Shingo getting the better until stiff uppercuts from Claudio which Shingo looked to counter into a backslide but Claudio fought out, missed a corner charge and took a hiptoss.

Reset.  Nice flurry.

Takahashi (Taka) and Yuta in, step-up tejeiras from Taka, running dropkick with Yuta on the mat, Shingo in too for a double shoulder block, Yuta on his ass, Titan tagged in to get launched into a corner lariat on Yuta, beautiful cross body from the top and a dropkick sending Yuta outside, the latter saving Titan from a broken neck as he was short on a tope.

Titan rushed back in to get two.  Yuta hit back via Manhattan and enziguri.  CC back in, Titan hit a flurry of kicks and strikes, the Swiss down to a knee, Titan to the top, cross body going badly this time as he was caught into a backbreaker and his teammates were knocked off the apron by the other BCC.

Ads.  Jesus Christ that was rapid.  Very good start.

Back to everyone in the ring, Mox and Taka spilling outside where Mox ran him into the barricade.  Titan and Claudio now going at it inside, Mox tagged in to cut off the tag to Shingo, Mox hit stiff rights, Titan ducked a lariat, leaping heel kick, Mox rocked back to the corner, tag to Shingo which got a nice pop.

Flurry of rights until Claudio came in illegally and Shingo fought off both, double lariat not budging them but a double ddt getting the job done.  Yuta in to take a brainbuster.  Danielson said his neck wasn’t ready for that Sunday.  He’s on comms btw.

Shingo and Mox exchange of forearms until a snapping jab from Shingo, Mox hit back via lariat, both popping back up, back elbow and very stiff lariat from Shingo.  God damn dude looks good here.

Taka and Yuta back in, each getting follow-in blows in the ropes, superkick to Yuta who did his version of skin the cat back in to the dropstep German but took a DVD for a near fall.  Crowd into this.  Understandably.

Lariat from Taka.  Goddammit Mox just came in with a chair and got a DQ.  So lame.  Was so good up to now.

They all brawled at ringside until Naito’s music interrupted and Mox went to the ring to await him.  He slowly sauntered out doing his eye thing.  Slowly stripping on his way to the ring to reveal a ‘kept you waiting but tranquilo’ tee and a big grin, a frustrated Mox pacing until having enough and heading to the aisle to brawl.

A weak brawl which was quickly cut away from as Shingo rained hammer and anvils on Yuta, who was out of it.  Until Danielson hit the ring and Shingo backed up.  Fans loud for this face to face.  Good crowd tonight.

They continued to lock eyes as Danielson’s music played and we cut away.

That was some damn good action until the crappy finish.  Can Yuta or Claudio really not afford to take a pin to give Shingo a boost before Sunday?  He looked great btw.  If he’s on this form Sunday that’ll be some match.

Naito/Mox stuff wasn’t nearly enough for a feud we haven’t seen and AEW haven’t at all explained.

Winner: LIJ via DQ

Rey Fenix vs Jay White

Backstory: Winner advances to Owen semis

This is White’s first appearance on Dynamite or Collision since the gauntlet on 5/29.  Doesn’t exactly make a guy among only eight going for the title feel hot.  Though at least he hasn’t lost since 1998 ran him over in April.

Excalibur continued the company lying tonight as he put over the Owen bracket as loaded.  Know what people in the USSR hated more than the shops having nothing in them?  Being told they were full.

BCG, Penta and Alex all out at ringside.

A lot of ‘zero miedo/Gunns up’ stuff from all the extras.  This made Rick Knox eject everybody.  That’s so dumb considering all the crap that happens every match.  Knox was booed.  Loudly.

White nearly got cradled complaining about it.  Btw, they said Schiavone’s backstage or something.  Hadn’t noticed he hasn’t been here.  Man a two-man booth is nice.

Dueling chants as White launched jabs in the ropes, reversed a whip, Fenix went for his rebound spin kick, White fought it off with elbows, another whip saw White counter Fenix again but Fenix counter back to send him to the corner, Fenix to the apron, big chop, springboard armdrag before sending White outside via dropkick.

Tope to follow.

Fenix went for a springboard; White grabbed his legs and he went splat on the apron.  Crowd almost silent now as White hit a neckbreaker inside for two.

Ads.  Some nice counters but also sloppy moments.  This fifty minutes has absolutely whizzed by.

Back to Fenix fighting back with chops and open hands until being cut off with a shot to the gut, he slipped behind but took another chop, hit back with a thrust kick, rope walk punt, gorgeous frogsplash, crawling for the cover, crowd chanting the count as he got two.

Before rolling into a leaping rana with White’s legs hooked for another two.  Pair of kicks, thrust kick blocked, White spinning him into a ddt.  Brainbuster next for two.  Crowd very quiet when Jay’s on offense.

Chin lock now as Rey fought to his feet and cradled through for two.  White snatched him into a uranage for the same.  Then called for the Bladerunner, Fenix slipped behind into a rollup for two.

They countered back and forth out of tombstones, into a Bladerunner, Fenix slipped free again, kick to the head, White on his shoulders, Jay landed on his feet out of a DVD attempt into a Bladerunner to win.

Definitely had good moments.  Seemed pretty obvious White would win so not a lot of drama.  And again the loser took most of the match to further confirm this.

Winner: Jay White

BCG came out to celebrate.  Christian Cage marched to the ring with the Patriarchy, BCG got ready to fight.  Cage stopped on the steps, eyeing White who talked trash.  BCG held the ropes open inviting them in, the Patriarchy backed off.

Seems they actually are trying to do something with the trios.  Nice stuff.  Though confusingly, BCG seemed to be portrayed as babyfaces between their actions and the announcers’ words.


To the Bucks backstage.  Nick said the Acclaimed took advantage to win last week.  But when the belts are on the line things’ll be different.  Matt bragged that three of the Elite had belts and Perry will add one Sunday.

Then said the Elite have decided to insert their wildcard into the Owen tournament.  A guy who’ll run through it and bring the world title back to the Elite.

The announcers wondered who the Bucks had been referring to.  That’s either some real foreshadowing or a big ass swerve.

There were some CM Punk chants at the end.


The Acclaimed came out with 1998 to not much of a reaction.  They ‘aren’t scheduled.’


It seemed they didn’t get the message that we were back from break cause they continued to ham it up for the crowd.  Caster did his ‘Yo, yo, yo…listen,’ thing.  Then said they beat the Young ‘Cucks’ (bleeped).

Caster said the EVPs couldn’t run a Target, backstage production, the company or from them (he didn’t really say the Target bit).  Nice line.

Bowens said there’d be no excuses next time they face.  Then did the ‘everyone loves…’ line.  Not many people seemed to.

They were about to close out.  When Okada and the Bucks came out, Okada yelling ‘wait.’  Then ‘scissor me bitch.’  Crowd laughed.  Bucks heeled on the crowd for cheap heat.  It worked.

They challenged the Acclaimed and 1998 for Forbidden Door.  1998 took the mic and said he’d like to come down there and beat them all up by himself.  Bet he would.  Then said he has friends in high places and threw to a Tanashashi package.

Over his highlights, Tanahashi addressed Okada (via subtitle) as his ‘greatest rival’ and said he’s coming to Forbidden Door.  ‘Scissor Ace is coming,’ he said, holding up the sign.  That’s fun.  Crowd chanted it.

Tanahashi’s so likeable; seems to have so little ego.  They announced he was teaming with the Acclaimed Sunday.  Tana’s not what he was but that’s a fun match.


Renee with Cassidy, Briscoe and Kyle.  She went right to Mark.  They’re now called the Conglomeration.  Briscoe said he has two shoulders and only one belt so needs to win the TNT title.

Then put over his partners until Kyle took over, mimicking Briscoe as he addressed Zack Sabre, even going into an English accent before asking if it was working.  Briscoe said it was but took back over and called someone (lot going on here) ‘Peppa Pig, you soft boy!’ which was just awesome.  Absolutely hilarious.

Can’t help but smile when that guy talks.  Seems they’re being setup as another trio?

Mariah May, Toni Storm & Mina Shirakawa vs Saraya, Anna Jay & Harley Cameron

Backstory: After Mina asked May to ‘choose,’ the heels attacked last week, Storm fought them off by herself as May snuggled with Mina

Storm out by herself.  May came out for a bit with Storm but then went back to come out with Mina and do their Club Venus dance on the stage.

Still just Taz and Excalibur on comms and it’s a massive improvement.  Genuinely nothing against Schiavone.  Two just works better and they have a good rapport.

The heels all came out to Saraya’s music.

Mina and Jay to start, Anna aimed a cheap shot, Mina rolled over a drop down, blocked a suplex, slid under a lariat and jiggled.  Jay just watched while she did this.  Then was tripped aiming a kick.  Mina continuing to counter and avoid everything Jay did into a leaping kick from the apron back into the ring.

Storm held her hand out, Mina tagged May instead and they did their double dropkick then jiggled their breasts.  As Excalibur said that’s how he and Taz celebrate.  Good rapport.

Cameron in, briefly on top until being snatched into May’s spinning slam.  She went over to tag and couldn’t make her mind up.  Some chants for Toni, who kinda tagged herself in.  The heels all attacked from behind.


Saraya managed to get another ‘bitch’ onto tv despite no microphone.  Cameron crawling to tag her, May getting the tag to Storm which the cams missed.  Big pop as she came in with a German.

Hip attack next.  But Mina tagged herself in.  Saraya kicked her away to tag Cameron who hit a backstabber for two.  May made the save, Storm didn’t try to help.  Everyone took out everyone until Mina ended Saraya with a back fist.  One for Cameron too before an elevated reverse ddt to win.

Crowd popped.  May and Mina hugged and danced.  May was handed two champagne glasses and gave one to each of her partners.  They reluctantly toasted and Mariah was delighted.  That was nice.  You may have noticed I like ‘subtle’ stuff.

The fun ended when Mina cracked May with the champagne bottle when Storm ducked.  Wasn’t brilliantly timed.  Mostly looked like Mina meant to do it.  They were both stunned for a while then Toni got pissed and yelled ‘How dare youuuuuuuu!’ and was held back.

Actually really liked them subtly keeping the tease going with both accepting the champagne and Mariah managing to delay choosing.  Don’t think that bottle shot was needed.  Kept the drama going though.

Winner: Mariah May, Toni Storm & Mina Shirakawa

They pushed the ppv previews they do on Friday nights.  This one will really feature Mercedes/Vaquer.  They went to a package for this.

Then to Mone backstage.  Who within mere seconds was easily the most arrogant person on the show.  Crowd pretty quiet as Mone overacted while wondering where Stephanie was after she’d flown to Mexico to beat her ass.  She vowed to be there for Vaquer’s match on Collision.

Then said she’d be ‘Two Belts Mone.’  Crowd seemed tepid.

Presumably that’s supposed to make us think Becky might be coming.  All the reporting says otherwise.


The Learning Tree came out.  Keith’s arm is in a sling.  Bill took the mic and told Hook and etc to look what they did to ‘our Apple.’  Keith’s out of FD.  Bill called Jericho the ‘Sensei of the Sickos.’  To zero reaction.  And said he’d taught him a lesson:

When one door closes, another door open.  ‘Perhaps a forbidden door.  See what I did there?’  Still hate the rest of this but am warming to Bill in this role.  He’s actually entertaining being deliberately bad, instead of just bad.

Jericho did his ‘Hi Guys’ to almost no reaction.  Then said he’s just here for the young guys (Cody did an interview saying any vet who says that is full of shit).

He called Joe ‘Samoa Joke.’  And laughed too hard.  Then said he’s been to Japan a lot so has a lot of connections.  Crowd pretty much dead.  He threw to a video he wants to watch with all his branches.

Minoru Suzuki.  Not much of a pop.  Suzuki said he knows Jericho wants him to be his partner.  But Suzuki wants to wrestle Jericho instead (this was all subtitled, like Tanahashi earlier). He said Jericho has got soft.  And he ‘wants nothing to do with’ the Learning Tree.  He asked him to put the FTW Title on the line and called him ‘Chris Fucking Jericho’ (bleeped).  Then said ‘Thank you guys,’ a la Jericho.

Crowd chanted a bit for Suzuki before dying again as Keith said ‘Jericho ain’t no chicken.’  Then woke again as Joe’s music played and that trio came out.  Joe said ‘isnt this awkward,’  Jericho looked for a savior but struck out.

He said they’ve watched every single Learning Tree segment to learn everything they can about them.  And Shibata had put into words their feelings on them: ‘Oh brother, this guy sucks.’ Played through the phone, that line was way too lame for that setup.

A ‘this guy sucks,’ chant started.

Jericho slapped Joe who briefly smiled then set his face to killer and headbutted the Ocho.  They brawled and the faces forced the heels to bail up the ramp.

The seg ended with the announcers saying Jericho etc. still don’t have a partner for the ppv.  Was okay.  If the match is happening, could think of a million people I’d rather see Suzuki against than Jericho but then that’s why people are sick of him isn’t it.

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Kyle O’Reilly

Backstory: NONE

Orange on comms.  Taz got right on him for using that color as his name.  The Kingdom were watching in the crowd, who seemed to be entertaining themselves as this started.  With serious grappling to a stalemate.

Orange said he didn’t know how to do any of what he’d just seen.

In the ring, both continued to attempt the same things only to be countered or escaped.  To another stalemate.  Kyle working the shoulder, Zack pivoted around on the mat out of it then posed.  Kyle took him down by the wrist, Zack countered via headscissors.  Light clapping from a quiet crowd.

Some of the War Dogs or something are with the Kingdom.  Kyle got a snapmare, they kept countering and hitting those till Zack shook him off and did his twisting boot thing (great description, right?) to Kyle’s neck then stomped the arm.

Ads.  Quite dull.

Back to Kyle countering into an ankle lock.  Orange keeps putting across that he has no idea how to do any of this and doesn’t understand any of it.  Kyle hit his flurry of kicks into a trip as a light ‘this is wrestling’ started then died.

Kyle running shot in the corner, Zack got a rear choke, Kyle snapmared free but Zack hit a soul food kick to the shoulder.  Kyle got two via cradle then a suplex into a juijigitame.  Nice move.  Zack floated over into an ankle lock; Kyle rolled through into one of his own.  Not my taste but can’t say they’re not smooth.

Zack got a headlock but was taken down via belly to back.

A flurry of strikes followed, each landing stereo kicks and dropping.  Gabe Kidd and Strong were arguing.  Kyle and Orange paintbrushed one another with open hands until Zack got a cross armbreaker, Kyle looked for a triangle but overextended, allowing Sabre to slip into a Fujiwara, Kyle immediately tapped.

It’s highly unlikely this will have got Zack over to the fans who don’t already know him.  If enough people were interested in matches like this, ROH would be a viable company.

The Kingdom and etc hit the ring to check on Kyle.  Cassidy got in there, Zack and TMDK had a 3:1 on Orange when Ishii’s music played and he came out to stand with his pal.  Refs kept them separated.  Other than a light ‘Ishii’ chant, this played to silence.

Very AEW.  They jammed so many guys into this, including a bunch only the most hardcore fans will know, that it was impossible for any to stand out.

Without a storyline behind the match, this was a crowd killing segment.  Following the Learning Tree probably didn’t help.  It’s like following Black Panther into a Dynamite.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

They pushed Beach Break next week.  As the site noted ‘…in Chicago.’  Though it’s better than a frigid Cleveland in February.

Hard to see this second hour doing well.  Has felt flat since the women.  And they haven’t mentioned this main event since Swerve did at the outset.

Swerve Strickland & Will Ospreay vs Gates of Agony

Backstory: You may have heard this line before… Can they coexist!?

Swerve came out and these two hours have absolutely flown.

After a previously strong build for the AEW title match, it feels like the ninth ppv in a row where we’ve had champ and challenger tag.  And tonight it’s been an afterthought.  This AEW title match is ultimately what will sell the ppv.  Not Sabre, not Shingo, not even Tanahashi.  The people who like them are already buying.

The Gates came out to crickets.  Then rushed the faces at the bell.  Leona took Swerve out outside.  Ospreay took care of Kaun inside as Swerve made it back to the apron.  AJ forearm for barely two.

Tag to Swerve, they hit nice, fluid double teaming capped by an Ospreay standing moonsault as Swerve got two.  The fans were entertaining themselves again.  Ospreay nearly booted Swerve after the Gates moved but Swerve caught the boot at the last second.

Nana started yelling ‘Whose house?’ to try to drum up any sort of noise.


Back to the world champion selling for total losers.  He elevated Kaun outside but was cut off from a tag by Leona.  Kaun dragged Ospreay off the apron then they doubled up on Swerve.  It’s like AEW learned nothing from Max losing to those masked goons in December.

Swerve moved and Kaun knocked Leona out of the ring then took a brainbuster.  Swerve got the tag, Ospreay in with a leaping forearm until being doubled himself briefly until a double corkscrew kick and standing shooting star to Kaun for barely two.

Kaun hit an avalanche jackhammer, Swerve saved the pin.  So the #1 contender nearly got pinned by the Gates.  Strickland hit a Stomp off the apron to Leona.  Then distracted Kaun for Ospreay to hit Spanish Fly for two.

He hooked the arms in a stormbreaker/tiger driver position, eyeing Swerve on the apron, hesitating long enough to be countered.  He then inadvertently knocked Swerve off the apron.  Then kicked out at two after a pounce.  Crowd are dead.

Swerve back in with a violent pump kick which looked like it was for Ospreay but he ducked.

Another pump kick helped Ospreay hit a poisonrana.  Toa Leona then kicked out of the Oscutter.  Because we must have a ‘good match’ and ‘good matches’ have near falls.  Swerve broke Kaun’s arm as Ospreay looked disgusted.  Then hit a Hidden Blade to Leona to win.

There was some good subtle storytelling around the whole ‘killer instinct’ thing.

But this too was very AEW.  Should have been a quick, convincing win with the odd miscommunication along the way. A poor, flat end to what’d been a strong feud.  ‘Going home’ with this versus last week could make a big difference to buys.

Ospreay snatched the world title again as Swerve was leaving.  So Swerve nailed him with a House Call and left him laying.  Totally deserved.  Strickland warned him last time that he was lucky they were friends.  He posed over Ospreay with his belt.  Which in another company would mean he’s losing Sunday.  Better way to end than just with the match at least.

Winner: Swerve Strickland & Will Ospreay


Next Collision:

  • Shida vs Deonna (Owen QF)
  • Stephanie Vaquer vs Someone (they didn’t actually say who she was facing unless I missed it)

Forbidden Door:

  • Samoe Joe, Hook & Shibata vs Jericho, Big Bill & …
  • Bucks & Okada vs Acclaimed and the ‘Scissor Ace’ Hiroshi Tanahashi

Next Dynamite (Beach Break):

  • Danielson/Shingo vs Pac (Owen SF)
  • Willow vs Statlander (Owen SF)
  • Jeff Jarrett vs Wild Card (Owen QF)
  • Ospreay vs Garcia (International & possibly AEW title)

Thumbs Up/Down

  • Giving us a taste of the newbies we’ll see Sunday was a good idea (though jamming all the others in wasn’t)
  • Shingo whetted the appetite and that six-man was very good until the finish
  • Wish they’d ended the Storm/May/Mina thing in the way I noted above but they did a nice job continuing to create doubt about who May will pick
  • Was a very entertaining show until the Learning Tree segment


  • But was pretty flat thereafter, including for the main event involving the world champion and his #1 contender
  • Just insane how little hype they gave that feud here
  • Same applies to Mox/Naito, they haven’t explained a thing about that on tv, could sell some ppvs if they let it
  • The Garcia/MJF stuff for the reasons noted above, they’ve done it too many times with Garcia and tried too hard to compensate for the fact that he hasn’t actually done anything in months

Appreciate you reading.  Hope you’re having a good week.

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