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Dynamite TV Report for 10/18/2023


AEW Dynamite tonight comes to us from the Fort Bend Epicenter in Rosenberg, Tx.  After last week drawing 609,000 & 0.26 in the 18-49 demo.


Jay White vs Penta

Backstory: NONE

Big pop for Penta; not much of one for the guy carrying the world title.  He came with the crew, Penta launched onto all of them while still on the ramp.  White attacked from behind, Penta shook it off to land an armdrag off the steps and slingblade at the foot of the ramp.

Before hurling White back in, stomp off the top, two.  Chops to the corner, White reversed a whip, Penta leapfrogged into a backstabber for another two.  Crowd fully behind the Mexican here as Colten tripped him to prevent a dive.  Penta shook it off to roll White up for two, looked for Made in Penta, White ran to the corner, boot up, ddt.

For two, crowd quiet the second White got on top.  Neckbreaker got another two.  Snap suplex, same result.  Excalibur tried to tell us Penta’s kickouts were getting ‘later and later’ – the match has been going less than five minutes…

A chop battle briefly started, White didn’t fancy it, cheap kick to the shin, Penta back via thrust kick, rushing White in the corner, White flipped him up and over, following him out and draping him across the apron via front suplex.  Two back inside.

They keep showing the world title which is round the waist of a cardboard cutout.  Where the hell’s MJF who was apoplectic last we saw him?

White tied Penta’s mask to the rope, stomping away, the ref quickly undid it.  White fired knees to the gut then suplexed Penta into the ropes for another two.  Excalibur was giggling at something as he announced the babyface being suplexed into the ropes and nearly getting pinned.  High stakes.

Crowd still behind Penta, stuck on his knees, White firing chops and rights, seeking a suplex, Penta fought it off, slipped behind, White ducked his head and took a punt, slingblade, a second, crowd loud once more as the Mexican took to the sky plancha style onto White.

Before hurling him back in, ‘cero miedo’, White flung a chop, Penta milked removing his glove, threw it to Alex, big overhand, White reeling, Penta shook off a reply.  White complained his chest was covered, Penta pulled his gear off, White hurled a massive knife-edge, no effect.  Penta again knocked the heel backward via overhand, things got feisty, chops speeding up, White again sensed he was losing so cheaply attacked the knee via dropkick.

But ran into a twisting slam out of a dvd position, cheap ‘ooohed’ at that, White just kicked out.  Fear Factor blocked, big uranage from White, right into a brainbuster, Penta out at two.  White right into a sleeper, Penta fought out, had his leg caught, dragon screw, sleeper suplex, Penta slipped out of a Bladerunner into Made in Penta, White just kicked out again.  It’s impressive how much the crowd are buying these near falls considering it seems obvious White’s winning.

Fear Factor was coming, all of BCG hit the apron, Juice hit a left hand, White the Bladerunner, win.  Eugh.

Mixed here.  Like them giving White a win over someone who doesn’t always lose (though the Bros are moving perilously close) but hate how they book Penta and his brother.  Also didn’t make White look strong and the crowd really didn’t care about him.  He needs to be seen as a threat by November.

White took the mic.  To mockingly ask where MJF is, because White’s here, a truly elite world champion (Excalibur tried to explain that MJF’s not walking into a 4-on-1 beatdown.  Problem is, that doesn’t fit with just how annoyed he was last week).

White’s still waiting on Max’s reply to his challenge for a tag match.  If Max can’t rally his ‘gimp squad’ (the dudes who attacked White) then ‘tough luck, I’ll lead by example.’

Robinson took the mic to give a ‘spoiler alert’ – he’s winning the battle royale later.  And then is going to knock Max out with his own, better, cheaper – ’24.99 from TJ Maxx’ – ring, take MJF’s and pawn it.  A loud ‘TJ Maxx’ chant started.  This is what happens when your world title is mired in comedy for months.

They did the Gunns Up line and left.  The only Max here was TJ.

Winner: Jay White

Backstage, Renee with the world champ.  Who was smiling broadly and made joke-y small talk with Renee which we couldn’t hear.  He said he could’ve run out there like every good guy dumbass.  But ‘I’m not a good guy, I’m a scumbag’.  He’s on comms for the main event – the battle royale and isn’t wasting his entrance pop.  The crowd had no idea to react to this last line.

He then vowed to get his belt back before the pay-per-view.  He hoped Juice would win tonight so he can make him bleed next week.  Renee asked for an update on Cole.  The Acclaimed interrupted.  Caster was being over-the-top polite after being admonished last week – ‘(clears his throat) Pardon me, hello’ – sounded like Cyril Figgis off Archer.

He told Max if he wanted his belt back they could team up, win and then scissor.  MJF wasn’t keen.  Caster said if that’s the case he’s entering the battle royale tonight (handy there’s a spot left) and will win there and next week so Max will ‘have to put a ring on it’.

Disgusted, MJF stormed off. Bowens admonished Caster that ‘less is more’ (Do me a favor Anthony, go stand in the next booking meeting and just repeat that every couple minutes).

Gunn said Max was such a scumbag.  In a line that could be seen a mile away, Caster sighed ‘Yeah, but he’s my scumbag’.

Don’t know what to say.


They played a Shida package desperately trying to make her cold match with Emi Sakura seem important.  It’s typical of AEW, hanging a cheap label on a match r/t telling the story properly.  Confirmed when Sakura got zero reaction for her entrance.

Hikaru Shida vs Emi Sakura (Eliminator)

Backstory: It’s ostensibly Teacher vs Student but they haven’t like, y’know, shown us that

Sakura attacked before the bell – that’s two for two so far – posed with the belt, Aubrey ripped it away immediately.  See Max, it’s not that hard!

Shida fired a right, Sakura elbowed free of a waistlock, the pair’s shoulders collided, stalemate.  A very physical battle commenced, Shida firing forearms, the challenger coming back with chops (either Shida’s the best seller ever or one of those really left a mark).  Sakura getting the better, forcing Shida to the corner, cross body coming, Shida met her midway with a knee for two, the pair rolled a complete circle of the ring in a crucifix pin.

Shida launched rights in the corner, kicked Sakura clear; the latter avoided a missile dropkick, landed a ground-bound one, this time hit the cross body splash in the corner, Shida down, ads.

Back to both down, Shida dragging herself up via the ropes, Sakura raked her back, pulled her hair, leaving the champ on the apron, Sakura bounced her off to the floor via cross body and was booed heartily preparing a running attack in the ramp; Shida countered via a weak rana, sent her back in, missile dropkick, two.

Sakura blocked a suplex, Shida did the same to a double underhook, the pair exchanged pinning combos back up into a Sakura release Tiger Driver, high stack, two.  Heading upstairs she crashed to the mat via moonsault, Shida mostly moving out the way (such a hard bump man, made you wince).  Into the Katana, Sakura kicked out at one, popped up to hit a lariat, magistral for a close call.

Shida up to snatch her into a tilt-a-whirl shoulder breaker, Sakura returned the favor backbreaker style, Shida slipped right into a Fujiwara armbar, Sakura rolled through, to their feet, big right from the champ, falcon arrow, very nearly three.  Crowd getting into this now as Shida landed the Katana to win.

Got really good at the end there.  With some heat behind it could’ve been even better, particularly since the crowd were quiet for most of it.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Adam Copeland’s ‘Rater R Rebuttal’: a sitdown with Renee. 

He still can’t get over Christian not wanting to team with him.  Apparently Cage ‘sounded on board with that’ before Copeland arrived (story seems to change every week).  It made him re-examine their friendship and notice some things.  He told the pair’s backstory – friends since little kids – Cage moved to Copeland’s school and wouldn’t come inside his first day so they sent Copeland out to talk him in.  They bonded over wrestling and were best friends all the way.

They both saw an essay contest to win wrestling training, Cage never submitted his, Copeland had to talk him into starting a year later.  He got the ‘dream gig’ (WWE contract) and even as a rookie pushed them to sign Cage.  He truly believes Cage is the most underrated wrestler ever (it’s clear he genuinely does believe this).

Then over the years it was always ‘Adam & Jay’, ‘E&C’ (Edge & Christian).  And this wasn’t by Copeland’s design, ‘I never wanted that’ and over the years that’s become a dark cloud for Cage (think he was trying to say that Cage was always seen as very much the #2 of the duo).

Cage saying Copeland had a rocket strapped to his back minimizes the work he put in.  He feels that Cage would be stuck working an IT job somewhere wondering ‘what if?’ if Copeland hadn’t taken all the chances and opened doors for him.  And that’s the only reason he can think of for Cage acting the way he is.

Renee asked if he was surprised this jealousy still existed after all these years.  Copeland explained they were godfathers to each other’s children, it wasn’t supposed to be like this, he hadn’t come to AEW to take Cage’s spotlight or his title: ‘I know he’s gonna come crashing to the ground’.

Because Renee’s great, she asked the very pertinent question – ‘then what is it you do want?’.  Copeland bafflingly replied ‘I’m not gonna fight him’, reiterating that he didn’t want his title then saying he didn’t know what he wanted.  The only thing he knows for sure is eventually Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus are gonna leave him high and dry.  ‘When he hits the ground, I’ll be the one to pick him up’.

They did a nice job explaining the pair’s backstory for those who weren’t watching twenty years ago.  And Copeland was likeable here to start before getting a little egotistical toward the end.  I still can’t get past him being surprised/disappointed that the most despicable heel in the business isn’t a good guy.

Wardlow vs Ryan Nemeth

Backstory: NONE

This might shock you – Nemeth attacked before the bell.  Take a breath, grab some water, if you do you’ll return just in time to see Wardlow leaving through the crowd after a single powerbomb was enough to earn a stoppage win.

Maybe not.  Schiavone hit the scene to call him back into the ring.  He asked why Wardlow was back.  The big man held up his wrist-tape which had ‘MJF’ written on it.  He bumped Schiavone, knocking him over to boos.  Then left up the ramp.

I hope they’ve got a good angle, story and more importantly, way to heat Wardlow up.  If they do, this could be good.  It’s an easy story to tell.  Additionally, all for the world champ having tons of guys gunning for him.

Winner: Wardlow

Renee with Kenny Omega.

He said it’s not been his best year, he doesn’t even want to think about his win/loss record.  But Kyle Fletcher’s done a wonderful thing for him – ‘remind me who I am, that I’m the measuring stick in AEW, you wanna prove something to someone, you wanna prove that you’re the best, you wanna prove that you’re in the conversation, among the elite in this company, you gotta take out Kenny Omega, so Kyle… first, this week it’s gonna be you, then next it’s gonna be the Don Callis family and after that, maybe we’ll see the Kenny Omega of old, targeting the heavyweight championship of the world.’

He asked Renee what she thought, as MJF wandered into the picture – big pop from the crowd at these two facing off.  Max repeated the term ‘measuring stick’… reminded us he was the world champ, told Omega he’d always been a ‘massive fan’, Omega said he appreciated it, Max offered his hand, Omega shook it – all of this was done with an undertone of tension.  MJF then leaned in and whispered ‘thirteen days bitch’.

‘Thirteen days huh?  We’ll see about that’, said Omega after Max left.  (Guessing that’s when MJF breaks his record reign?  Which leaves one Dynamite and two Collisions beforehand.)

It’s funny, was just thinking midway through that promo that this Kenny Omega – serious, babyface, ‘best in the world’ Kenny Omega – is who I’d have as AEW champ.  More of these promos please.  He seemed like a star, him and Max facing off seemed like a big deal.

And again, huge fan of all these guys wanting the title.  Love it.


Don’t love this.  Back to Roddy Strong’s house.  Bennett was singing a song about being neck strong on the drums.  Cole brought Roddy his coffee, he spat it out cause it was too hot and he doesn’t like hot coffee, Cole said he was leaving.  Strong apologized but said he was craving Cole’s PB&J he used to make in ROH.  They all chanted PB&J before a kitschy, somewhat sexual montage of him making a sandwich played.

Strong bit into it then spat it out cause he hates crusts.  Cole snapped, said he was done and left, despite Strong yelling ‘ADAAAAM’ over and over.  Strong said he knew what he had to do to get his best friend back, be nice to the ‘scumbag’.

Orrrr you could’ve just not been a total asshole thirty seconds earlier?  If you have a plurality of braincells, this ‘storytelling’ is just insulting.


Schiavone in the ring to say he ‘takes no pleasure, NONE’ in introducing his next guest, Don Callis.  Love it when Schiavone emphasizes how despicable the heels are.  They replayed Hobbs dismantling Jericho last week.

Callis has ‘something to say’.  Last week the Family made history since Jericho’s never been manhandled like that.  Hobbs broke Jericho in half.

Hobbs said February 22nd 1998 was supposed to be the best day of his life.  He had the chance to meet Jericho, his grandmother got front row tickets to see him and Jericho insulted them both.  He’s had twenty five years of frustration and swore the day he got to look Jericho in his eye he was gonna hurt him (so why’s it taken like three years?) over and over.  He gave him spinebuster after spinebuster and loved it.

(Just keep an eye on Takeshita’s face during these, the best smirk in wrestling, such a smug prick.)

Callis said Hobbs has been told all his life to bottle up the hate, anger and violence.  But now he has a real family who tell him to be himself, a 6’3’’, 275 pound killing machine.  They’re not done with Jericho, they’ll unleash Hobbs on AEW.  They’re undefeated in four months except in one match where Sammy Guevara was injured by Jericho and he had to get a ‘scab worker’ to come in.  Kyle Fletcher screwed the Family.

This brought Fletcher to the ring so apparently he’s got bigger balls than/is more stupid than MJF, depending on your perspective.

Callis told the others to leave him and let him speak since he’d ‘shown balls’ in coming out like this.  Fletcher snatched the mic to say he’d done them a favor after Will Ospreay called him saying Callis was on his knees begging for a partner.  Against Omega tonight, he’s going to prove to everyone, especially Callis, that he doesn’t need anyone’s help to beat Kenny.

Callis liked the confidence and if Fletcher does win, may have an opportunity for him next week.  Omega’s music hit for the match as the Family left.  Praise where it’s due, I hammer them for not intertwining stories, they did so here.

Kenny Omega vs Kyle Fletcher

Backstory: Fletcher challenged Omega Saturday, considering him the ‘measuring stick’

Omega’s graphic said ‘longest-reigning’ champ so that must be where they’re going with Max.

Fletcher attacked before the bell – I’m just laughing now, has to be a joke.  He chopped Kenny round the ring then choked him with his shirt as the crowd chanted for Omega.  Caliis joined on comms as Omega fired back with rights, snapping jabs and a big knife edge of his own.

Fletcher reversed a whip and dropped him via back elbow, shots from the mount to some boos.  Omega countered a suplex into one of his own, vaulting cross body onto Fletcher at ringside, sending him back in, kick to the head from the apron; Fletcher knocked him off via leg lariat as Excalibur confirmed the meaning behind ‘thirteen days’.

The Aussie followed Omega out, dumped him into the crowd, back into the ring, Omega to the buckle, vaulting out over Fletcher to ‘oohs’, hurracanrana, Fletcher back outside, Terminator clap, Fletcher grabbed the leg to block the dive, dragged him out, chop exchange before the front row, Omega battering Fletcher back to the barricade, egging the crowd on.  Seems fired-up tonight.  They responded, loudest they’ve been all show but came down when Fletcher tripped Kenny into a chair at ringside.


Back to You Can’t Escape, Fletcher moved to avoid the moonsault, Omega rolled through to rush up the buckle and hit a moonsault down to ringside instead.  Upstairs once more, missile dropkick for two.

Backbreaker across the knee – they were discussing Omega’s win/loss record here, Callis asked why they thought it was down this year, they debated the ‘Don Callis Curse’ – Omega to his feet, crowd totally with him as he prepared a V Trigger, Fletcher avoided into a half-and-half suplex, killer running kick to the face in the corner – like a shining wizard/enziguri hybrid– sheer drop, two.

Crowd chanting for Omega once more as he struggled up, Fletcher seeking a bodyslam, Omega fighting out with axehandles but immediately scooped up and darted into the middle buckle, stumbling out into a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.  Fletcher screamed in frustration.

Omega struggling up in the ropes, Fletcher mocking goodbye/goodnight to heavy boos; instead of a V Trigger Fletcher nailed him with a leg lariat to the back of the head.  Omega slipped out of a slam: V Trigger to the back of the head, poisonrana, powerbomb, rolled backward, front V Trigger, Fletcher kicked out.

TiA from the crowd as Omega nailed another V Trigger, onto the shoulders, Fletcher slipped behind, snatching the Dragon Sleeper he used to win on Collision, Omega kicked his weight up to float over and free himself, both staggering to their feet, Omega again slipped behind a slam, snapdragon, Fletcher popped back up via thrust kick, both hit the ropes at speed, ducking and dodging until Omega absolutely blasted him with a V Trigger, no slipping off the shoulders this time, OWA for the win.

After all the announcers, including Callis, were singing Fletcher’s praises thirty seconds earlier, he yelled ‘this kid is such a miserable disappointment!’.  Such a great heel.

Hell of a match: fast, athletic, Fletcher’s really good.  Omega easily the biggest star on the show thus far.  ‘He should quit the business Taz that’s what he should do!’ Callis ranted.  Guessing Fletcher’s going to take a beating next week until Jericho saves him.  Be a nice rub for the youngster.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Danhausen’s still coming back.  With the exact same gimmick/phrases.

Lance Archer vs Barrett Brown


Back to Lance Archer’s music, had totally forgotten about this dude.  He came down the ramp already beating Barrett Brown, so that fighting before the bell record’s intact.  Could get a clean sweep.

After a very impressive step-up punt with Brown perched atop the buckle, he was brought crashing down via Archer’s finish to win.  Which I can’t remember the name of since I haven’t seen him in so long.  Evidently Excalibur was the same.  Want to say Blackout?  Crowd counted the pin.

Such a fan when he first came in.  Be nice if they do something with Archer; not holding my breath.

Winner: Lance Archer

They pushed that Swerve’s music video will premiere Friday on YouTube.  Then joined Swerve and Nana, I guess on-set at a local park.  Nana went on about how excited he was, Swerve repeated ‘it’s exciting right’ with a big smile in classic, main boss is about to snap on his underling fashion.  ‘I should be excited right?’.

‘Why am I not?’.  Stone face.

Because he should be celebrating his new video as the TNT champ.  But isn’t, ‘because of you Hangman Page’.  It wasn’t personal, it was Swerve looking for an opportunity, a ‘spot’.  But now it’s very personal – ‘you don’t wanna go to war with someone who gives less of a damn than you do’.

‘Just remember this, it’s not always you that pays for your actions’.

Strickland’s awesome, such a star.  This felt very real, helped by the graffiti-stained background and how dark it was.


In 1987, Tony Schiavone introduced this same man on this same channel.  He beckoned the crowd to hit their feet, before doing his ‘STIIIIING’ thing.

Sting howled and said the first time he ever did that and the crowd wooed back he couldn’t believe it.  There’s a word he wants to talk about but first he wants to reminisce – mentioning Lex Luger, the Steiners, Buff Bagwell, then the generation before them – Dusty Rhodes, who he called the most charismatic man he’s ever seen, Hulk Hogan – big boos from the crowd, Sting said he heard them but he did learn from the guy, the crowd respectfully stopped booing.

He especially wants to thank Ric Flair – crowd did cheer him so racism=no, misogyny=yes to those in Texas.  The crowd started a ‘Thank you Sting’ chant, he smiled and said he should be thanking them.  Back then he and his generation used to wonder what kept those older guys coming back year after year.  But now he understands – it’s the smell of the arenas, the camaraderie, the roar of the fans.

His body can’t do what it used to.  ‘Should I be jumping off of balconies?’  This got a mixed reaction, he said they’d talk about it when we got there.  The crowd started a ‘You still got it!’ chant, he thanked them, acknowledged that he’s retired once already, the crowd booed at the idea of him retiring.  But the one in 2015 didn’t sit right with him.

Which brings him to the word retirement once more.  Crowd booed again.

His very first match with AEW was Revolution 2021 and his very last match will be Revolution 2024.  A ‘Sting’ chant started.  ‘The only thing for sure about Sting, is my retirement at Revolution 2024 is for sure.’  He looked right at the camera.  Crowd booed again lightly, his music hit, he started to leave, crowd applauded.  He led them in woos and posed.

Nice moment.  Hopefully they build to something good there.


Back to RJ City to introduce ‘Gone with the Storm’.  Storm cut him off to do it herself.  It’s her life’s work.  She yelled at the director to play the picture.  Which was again in p-in-p.  They had captions this time: ‘Wonderful to have you on set Miss Storm’ etc.

This was pretty risqué – City gave her a banana which she ate some of with a look of disgust on her face while the caption said it was ‘delightful’.  A caption then had City saying there was more where that came from, including a ‘pearl necklace’, eliciting a monster ‘HOW DARE YOU!’ and a slap.  Another City caption – ‘I meant the jewelry’ (if you know you know, ain’t splainin it here lol).

She apologized, he said next week she’d have her own butler service.  She thanked him then said she had a close-up to do and posed to end the film.

This was fun, enjoyed it much more than last week, captions helped.  Guessing she’ll actually get a butler/assistant of some sort next week?  Maybe Mariah May?  Could build to her as a threat to Storm, she certainly has the looks.


Back to JR with Nick Wayne and his mom.  JR said if his dad was here he could really help them since Nick turned on a guy like a brother to him and friends don’t come easily in this business.

His mom said it was shocking.  She can’t make sense of it, Darby really was like a brother to Wayne, it’s so out of character.  And to align with Christian after the things he said about Wayne’s dad and her?  She doesn’t recognize him.  She pleaded with him, tried to touch his arm, he snapped and pushed her away, JR told him to calm down, ‘that’s your mother’.

Wayne said no-one understood.  It was always about Darby, he was always in the shadows.  Darby got all the praise for getting him here, he got none for getting himself there.  It’s time for him to prove himself.  His mom said this isn’t the way.  He has a new dad – Christian Cage – the crowd cheered at that, ‘a better father figure than Dad ever was’.

Fans took this so seriously that when Cage entered and put his hand on Wayne’s shoulder it got a massive cheer.  ‘You ready to come home son?’.  His mom tried to stop him leaving, he called her a terrible mother, she slapped him and was immediately sorry.  Cage acted disgusted, Wayne told her she’s dead to him.

She asked Cage what he’d done; Cage smirked and said ‘You should have picked up the phone’.  Crowd laughed.

The heels left, banging was heard from the other side of the door, Cage was laid out and Darby Allin was beating Wayne up.

Was all ready to say how good and serious and believable this was, basically up until the ‘better Dad’ line.  Pretty good acting too.  Then it descended into bad soap opera.  And showed why bog basic cheap heat doesn’t work; no-one takes it seriously.  It’s become a gimmick of Christian’s now.  One the crowd thinks is funny.

The fight spilled to the ramp, Luchasaurus attacked from behind, Sting made the save.  Wayne was bleeding from the mouth.  Cage begged off Sting and was pulled to safety out of a Deathlock by Luchasaurus.

This had almost zero heat, a light smattering of boos at the end.


They went to Renee in the back with Best Friends, Cassidy, Hook and Statlander.  Statlander wants to give Willow Nightingale a shot at Battle of the Belts.  Cassidy didn’t realize how much he cared about the International Title till he got it back.  He has unfinished business and something to prove.  He’s defending against one of three undercard talents so yeah.

Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale

Entrants: Juice Robinson, Dustin Rhodes, Max Caster, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Jake Hager, Matt Sydal, Matt Menard, Johny TV (who’s only ever been on Rampage), Daniel Garcia, Trent Beretta, Komander

Dustin Rhodes out first.  We went to break, all the others were out except Juice who got his entrance.  Ditto Caster.  AEW have had one proper main event in months – Max/Joe – this has to be the weakest even of that bunch.  No star power; no doubt who’s winning.

Caster did a nice rap, got a nice pop, MJF then came out to a huge pop to join the announcers.  Caster got all excited.

Dammit they waited for the bell before starting.  So close.

Excalibur sped through the participants as Sydal was eliminated.  TV & Garcia then stopped for a dance-off.  F*** the f****** f*** off.  Jeff Hardy took them down then danced himself.  TV was flung out by Rhodes and Matt Hardy.  Hager dumped Matt Hardy.

MJF headed down the ramp, hit the apron, gave money to Dustin Rhodes.  Who prepped Robinson for Shattered Dreams.  And nailed it.  Cute spot.


Max said Caster had become a ‘scissoring weirdo’ as Komander was dumped out and bumped in a way that made Michaels/Hogan look like a UFC fight.  Seriously, find that if you can.  Comically bad.

Rhodes and Beretta cleared the ring then did the Best Friends’ hug.  That ring sure is a prize: got people dancing, hugging, everything but trying to win.  Right as Max hyped his ‘$500,000 ring’.  Trent eliminated Hager, Menard eliminated him, Garcia got rid of Jeff Hardy.  He started to dance again, Menard stopped him.  ‘This isn’t a joke!  No dancing!’, said MJF.  Far too late.  Taz then asked about the Kangaroo Kick.  Max said that was different cause it’s ‘far more over’.

Menard, Caster, Garcia, Juice, Dustin left.

Menard gone by Rhodes, Rhodes by Garcia.  They tried to hype Garcia as having got rid of Jeff Hardy and Dustin Rhodes and as a future threat to MJF.  After he spent the whole match trying to dance.  Then did so.  And was eliminated by Caster.  What a goof.

Juice on the apron, Caster firing rights.  Max said he’s never wanted a match to not end more than this since he’ll have to deal with Caster’s goofiness or a ‘violent’ match with Juice and he swears on his mother’s life he’ll ‘murder’ Robinson.  Shouldn’t he be desperate to get his hands on Juice to do just that?

Juice hit a shoulder to Caster’s gut, looked to suplex him up and over.  They ended up fighting on the apron.  As Max now vowed BCG would pay for what they did to him.  They fought up top, Juice spilled into the ring, Caster hit the Mic Drop as Jay White attacked MJF from behind but MJF easily turned the tables and quickly snatched his belt back.  He prepped a big shot with the belt, wound up and ran into a low blow.  White took the belt back.

At the same time, Juice smacked Caster with his ring and dumped him.  Might as well have been called the ‘Getting to a Juice/MJF match battle royal’.  The worst two weeks of main events in Dynamite history?

Winner: Juice Robinson


Next Collision:

  • Miro vs Action Andretti
  • Ricky Starks & Big Bill vs Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli (Tag Titles)

Next Dynamite:

  • Tony Khan has a gift for Sting (is he really going to hand that stuff over on national tv? Maybe they’ll pretend it’s flour or baking powder?)
  • RVD & Hook vs TBA
  • MJF vs Juice Robinson (Dynamite Diamond Ring)

Thumbs Up/Down

  • There was a clear focus on the world title, beginning with the opening match and continuing throughout the show
  • Omega’s promo
  • Kenny Omega vs Kyle Fletcher
  • Swerve’s promo


  • It’s malpractice to have a battle royale main event without announcing who’s in it and having them cut promos to make it important. To then put so little talent out there was not only boring, it made the outcome a foregone conclusion
  • In a show full of predictable finishes

Appreciate you reading.  Have a good week.


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