TNA ready to support Kurt Angle to fight IOC’s wrestling decision


TNA Wrestling issued a press release today announcing its intention to help the fight to keep wrestling on the Olympics after the IOC dropped it starting from the 2020 Games.

“The IOC has decided to keep recreational sports such as badminton, handball and table tennis in the ’25 Core Sports’  category and to delete one of the oldest Olympic sport that premiered in the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896,” the press release stated.

Kurt Angle, the former WWE and TNA champion and Olympic gold medalist is ready to fight this decision and “organize a battalion of like minds” to save this Olympic sport.

“Wrestling is one of the most competitive sports in the world today. Winning the gold for my country in one of the original Olympic sports was one of the greatest moments in my life,” Angle said.

“The wrestling community is in a state of shock with this decision – we can not sit back and allow this to happen. I will do whatever it takes and work with my company TNA WRESTLING and the competitive wrestling community to determine what we need to do to reverse this decision.”

TNA President Dixie Carter said in the press release that everyone in the pro wrestling community need to join together to fight this.

“We need to join together right now. We encourage our own IMPACT Wrestling community, WWE and wrestling organizations worldwide as well as competitive amateur coaches and athletes to have a unified voice to make sure wrestling will be an Olympic sport in 2020.”