Referee in Hardys match on Impact last night blurred out for legal reasons


TNA were in trouble again with Lucha Underground and last night’s Impact episode had an edit to the referee during the tag team match featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy.

The referee used in the match with the Hardys against Super Crazy and Psicosis is actually under contract to Lucha Underground and he is not supposed to show up on any other television show. The company sent TNA a cease and desist letter to stop them from airing the episode but TNA simply blurred the referee out every time he appeared on camera.

The match was for the Crash Tag Team titles as it was under the Crash Wrestling promotion banner. Matt and Jeff won the match – and the titles – and then teleported out of Mexico!

This is the second time that TNA ended up in hot water with the Lucha Underground television show. Two years ago, Hernandez appeared on TNA Impact after he was still signed to Lucha, not realizing that his request to be let go from his deal was not approved by the time he was on television. TNA had to completely scrap segments that were taped for several weeks which included him.