MVP says he has left TNA due to removal of BDC angle


TNA’s MVP has been posting on his Twitter and Facebook that he is gone from the company following the removal of all BDC footage from upcoming Impact Wrestling shows, a group that he was part of.

The issue was because Hernandez, who was brought in after the recommendation of MVP, was unable to appear on TNA due to his contract with Lucha Underground. They all filmed several weeks worth of footage, all of which will end up cut in post-production, effectively putting MVP off television as well.

“The BDC is no more. So long TNA…” he wrote on Facebook, adding his booking e-mail for those interested in hiring him.

On Twitter he then posted a YouTube video of a song called Sailing On and adding, “Dear @IMPACTWRESTLING I dedicate this classic to you. It was fun…”

He had been working with TNA since January 2014, first revealing himself as the “investor” who signed The Wolves. Prior to that he spent five years working for WWE.