More denials from TNA regarding Spike TV rumors


TNA Executive Bob Ryder is joining company President Dixie Carter in denying the TMZ rumors that Spike TV has opted not to renew their contract with TNA.

“Reports are not true. Negotiations with @SpikeTV are ongoing,” wrote Ryder in a post on Twitter yesterday. That is basically the same thing that Carter said while Spike’s official position was that they don’t comment on ongoing negotiations.

While both parties are saying that negotiations are ongoing, TMZ looks like it’s standing by its story that Spike already has made the decision to dump TNA.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross suggested that Viacom – owners of Spike  – might be playing hardball to pay lower fees to keep TNA knowing that the company will not survive without a television deal and no other deal is in place with another network.

Former WCW champion Goldberg, who never worked for TNA, said he was “surprised it took this long,” then clarifying the comment saying that he’s not bashing the wrestlers who work for TNA.

“I feel for them, just not surprised the ship sank considering who was driving it,” Goldberg wrote, adding that when a promotion closes its doors, jobs are lost and it’s not good for business.