Kurt Angle says new deal with new company to start in January


During an interview with AlternativeNation.com, TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle again refused to say where he’s going next, only saying he’s going to sign for one year as he thinks he’s done wrestling-wise after that.

Angle said that he won’t be at Bound For Glory due to contractual disputes although he’ll be on TNA television for the next few weeks since he recorded all the episodes already.

Asked when he will start at his new work place, Angle said, “Yeah, I don’t plan on doing anything until January, so pretty much my contract will expire, and the next one will start in January. My knee has a lot to do with it, with my rehabilitation I won’t be cleared to wrestle until January.”

The former TNA and WWE champion added that he wouldn’t be working more than 40 dates in a year with his new contract and said that he signed with this company which really wanted to take care of him, both from a wrestling standpoint and a financial standpoint and he’s very happy with it.