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Impact Wrestling’s Gisele Shaw comes out as transgender

Gisele Shaw, currently signed with Impact Wrestling, revealed in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that she is trans.

The 33-year-old, originally from the Philippines, came out at Toronto Pride in Canada today.

“There is really no perfect time to be coming out,” Shaw, real name Gisele Mayordo, told The Chronicle. “It’s my journey. Now just felt right for me.”

In the interview, Shaw said she’s coming out to help people, noting that there’s a lot of discrimination against the trans community as well as often being the targets of violence.

Impact Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore stood by Shaw’s decision to come out and said that Shaw is a woman and a valued member of the Impact Wrestling roster. D’Amore said that her decision “will not be affected or in any way changed by her disclosing she’s transgender to the wider public.”

Shaw made her pro wrestling debut in 2015 and wrestled for Rev Pro Wrestling and Progress Wrestling in the United Kingdom before moving to America and working for Women of Wrestling and eventually Impact Wrestling. She is also a former Progress Women’s champion.

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