Home TV Reports Smackdown TV report for 06/24/2022

Smackdown TV report for 06/24/2022

Arena: Moody Center
City: Austin, TX

Smackdown opens with a recap of last week with the Roman Reigns/Riddle match then the return of Brock Lesnar who will now face Roman Reigns at SummerSlam for the WWE Unified Universal Championship in a last man standing match.

Drew McIntyre comes out and welcomes Austin to Friday Night Smackdown. Drew says he will win the Money in the Bank Match and will Claymore the winner of the Reigns/Lesnar last man standing match at Summer Slam.

Sheamus comes out and says Drew is right the last man standing match will be the best time to cash in the money in the bank briefcase, but Drew will not be the one to do it. Sheamus went on to say he cashed in on none other than Roman Reigns.

Paul Heyman comes out and Adam Pearce is also out and Heyman says there is a problem. After Roman wins at SummerSlam he is going to be vulnerable after the match for a cash in and he is here to ensure it won’t happen.

Pearce announces that WWE management has overruled him and neither Drew or Sheamus are in the Money in the Bank, but they have another chance to earn their way in if they can team up and beat The Usos.

Sami Zayn VS. Shinsuke Nakamura in a Money in the Bank qualifying match

Action spills out of the ring and Sami slams Nakamura into the ring post and tries to win by count out. Nakamura beats the count at 9 and immediately rolls Sami up in a small package but only gets a 2 count. The end came when Nakamura throws Sami back in the ring and then gets in the ring only to receive a Helluva Kick and gets pinned by Sami.

Winner: Sami Zayn

The New Day (Kofi & Xavier) VS. Shanky & Jinder Mahal

Prior to the match, the New Day said Jinder stole what everyone wanted to see a dancing Shanky, they then asked the crowd if they wanted to see Shanky dance and they all screamed yes and they start playing the trombone and dancing. Jinder attempted to stop them, and Shanky pushed Jinder who then left the ring. The New Day and Shanky continued to dance, until a horn sounded and out came the Viking Raiders who attacked Shanky and the New Day laying them all out.

Winners: Match never started

Adam Pearce in shown and Sonya Deville walked up and said he embarrassed himself by taking both Drew and Sheamus out of the match after just putting them in. She continues to say he is neglecting the woman’s division because she has not had a match in weeks and wants respect. Sonya says don’t take it out on me because your in-ring career was a failure and Adam says you want a match you got one a handicap match against Lacey Evans and Raquel Rodriguez.

Raquel Rodriguez & Lacey Evans VS. Sonya Deville

Shayna gets on the ropes and Raquel goes to swat at her and Deville goes after Raquel who runs off the ropes and Lacey hits the tag and Raquel throws Sonya into Evans who hits her with the right hand for the pin.

Winners: Raquel Rodriguez & Lacey Evans

After the match Xia and Shayna attack Lacey and Raquel. Raquel fights back and flips Xia then flips Sonya, Lacey fights off Shayna and Lacey and Raquel stand tall in the middle of the ring.

The Street Profits are shown walking backstage and they run into Los Lotharios who kiss a young lady on the cheek then walk off arm in arm with her. They then run into Drew Gulak who is holding himself off the ground between two ladders, they then come to Madcap Moss and congratulate him on what he did to Happy Corbin and then Dawkins wants to tell Madcap a joke. “Why did the Coach go to the bank? To get his Quarterback.” Dawkins begins laughing hysterically as Madcap and Montez look at him with no expression on their faces.

Ronda Rousey’s music plays, and Natalya comes out dressed like Rousey and pushing a baby stroller. Natalya as Ronda says she knows she has no chance against Natalya and just should give up the Smackdown Women’s Championship because as a champion I am the saddest woman on the planet.

Rousey’s music hits again, Ronda came out and said Natty that’s you. Rousey says she is not going to bend over and hand her the title because she thinks she earned it. Rousey says the best talent Natalya has been dressing up like her and then she says nice jacket and starts to rip the jacket off Natalya who picks up the stroller and hits Ronda with it twice and knocked her down and ran out of the ring.

Gunther VS. Ricochet for the Intercontinental Championship

Gunther hits his powerbomb and pins Ricochet

Winner: And Still Intercontinental Champion Gunther

Tamina VS. Shotzi in a Money in the Bank qualifying match

After a 2-count pin attempt by Tamina with Shotzi barely getting her leg on the rope, Shotzi pulls Tamina down while in the corner and Tamina falls threw the ropes and hits her shoulder on the post, Shotzi then hits the never wake up DDT for the win.

Winner: Shotzi

Viking Raiders are shown and say they have been pushed aside and forgotten about for too long and now no one is safe, and they mean no one.

Max Dupri is in the back with Adam Pearce, Max asks if Adam is really an official. He says he can’t send his models out there tonight because this week the dressing room was not right. But next week they will debut.

Back in the arena Pat McAfee is standing on the announce table and says one week ago a scumbag named Corbin made his way to the announce table and does not like the way I do my job. They show what happened last week.

McAfee says he loves his life so much and when he gets to talk on the microphone, he feels alive. And he then challenged Happy Corbin to a match at SummerSlam.

The Usos VS. Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

Ridge and Butch ejected from the match.The Street Profits are at the announce table.

Action spills out of the ring and Drew gets a superkick and Sami Zayn comes out and was going for the Helluva Kick but gets knocked out by Angelo Dawkins. As the Usos and Profits argue, Drew flies over the top rope and takes everyone out. Jimmy Uso and Drew McIntyre back in the ring, Drew goes for the Claymore but Jimmy hits him with the superkick, but Drew gets up and hits the Claymore and pins Jimmy Uso.

Winners: Sheamus & Drew McIntyre who now qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

After the match, Sheamus and Drew have a stare down and words, but the referee raises their arms and they both pose for the fans.

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