Ethan Carter III pulls out from UK indy shows, issues statement


Former TNA champion Ethan Carter III had to cancel an appearance at a Preston City Wrestling Event, prompting the promotion’s owner to unload on TNA publicly for pulling Carter.

Carter was splashed all over the advertising for the show and now the same advertising is running with a giant red X on his face.

Now Carter issued a statement regarding the cancellation of his appearance, saying it was due to an “unforeseen opportunity to continue building a rapport” between TNA and one of their TV partners.

He said he doesn’t take things like this lightly and it’s unfortunate he had to pull out because he was looking forward to perform in front of the great UK fans, the sterling reputation of the UK independent scene and “because at least a dozen fans promised to buy me a pint.”

He apologized for any financial costs that were incurred and noted that he did not ask for a deposit for his appearance and no flight tickets were purchased. “I guarantee I stand to lose the most,” Carter said, adding that eventually we shouldn’t care about his financial loss cause he’s on TV.

“Accountability is something that is sorely lacking in our industry, so allow me to have some. I am 100% liable for having to cancel these appearances. Do not blame TNA Wrestling. Do not their blame network affiliation. Do not blame Southside or Preston City. A set of circumstances arose and I had to make a decision, so blame me,” Carter said.

In his statement, Carter came out as a professional who showed that he cared for his fans and for those who he does business with however as it’s often the case, things happen. He then said that when the opportunity arises again, he will make it up to the fans and the promoter and invited fans to contact him via Facebook or e-mail and “will do what I can to make it right.”

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