Delete or Decay? Another crazy segment on TNA Impact!


TNA followed up to the original Final Deletion with Delete or Decay yesterday on Impact, featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy taking on Abyss and Crazzy Steve with Rosemary.

The “match,” or better yet, the carefully-crafted action sequence, was taped on Matt Hardy’s lot in North Carolina and just like Final Deletion, Delete or Decay featured lots of weapons, fireworks, water, drones, and everything else in between.

The 12-minute segment started with Señor Benjamin digging the graves for Abyss, Steve, and Rosemary while the trio looked inside the house as Hardy’s wife was taking care of their baby. And then, craziness ensued. Jeff, Matt, and Reby Sky welcomed the Decay by shooting fireworks at them in a scene which would have made Hollywood director Michael Bay proud. The action then spilled to the pool where Jeff and Steve battled it out while Matt looked for Rosemary.

Jeff applied a sleeper hold while under water and emerged victorious as Crazzy Steve floated….and then miraculously came back to life to drag Jeff back underwater. As Señor Benjamin tried to bury Abyss – who earlier got zapped with a taser gun – Abyss also came back to life to fight back.

As Matt was about to grab Rosemary, Abyss attacked and then as he was about to hit him with “Janice,” Brother Nero stepped in and sacrificed himself instead. With all seems lost, the Vanguard 1 drone came out of nowhere to rescue the Hardy brothers and then stopped Rosemary from kidnapping Matt and Reby’s son Maxel. With Maxel running away, Matt showed up and confronted Rosemary, who spit green mist in Hardy’s face…but Matt sucked it all in…and spit it right back at her! Axel is then reunited with his parents.

The final moments saw Jeff still on the verge of “dying” while The Decay escape with their pickup truck with Señor Benjamin kidnapped in the back.

Sounds crazy enough? Maybe because it was! You can watch the whole segment below.