Christopher Daniels announces he’s a free agent


Christopher Daniels announced on his Twitter that he is now a free agent and no longer under contract to TNA Wrestling.

Daniels was one of the longest serving TNA wrestlers, joining the company when they started in 2002 as part of the Triple X stable with Low-Ki and Elix Skipper.

In 2007 he was “fired” after participating in the Feast or Fired match and getting the short end of the stick and then returned a month later under the mask as Curry Man. He once again managed to get the ‘Fired’ part of another Feast or Fired match and later played the role of Suicide while the original man behind the Suicide Mask – Frankie Kazarian – was injured.

In 2009 he returned under his Daniels name as the ‘Fallen Angel’ but was released at the end of March 2010. 10 months later, he returned to TNA under the Suicide mask again and then in March 2012 he came out as Christopher Daniels after his Ring of Honor contract expired.

During his time in TNA, Daniels won the X Division title four times, the TNA Tag Team titles twice, and the NWA Tag Team titles six times.