Alberto El Patron calls WWE racists in another Periscope video


Alberto El Patron went off again in a rant on Periscope, blasting his former employer while his fiancee – and a current employee of his former employer – shot the video by his side.

“I hope you guys watch Impact Wrestling. What a great show, right baby,” Alberto asked as Paige said “Yes.” He then continued, “They don’t judge you by the color of your skin like other places…” before he got cut off by Paige who said, “Baby, I still work there!”

El Patron was not done though. “No, I’m not mentioning any names. Impact Wrestling they don’t care if you’re brown, white, black, they treat you the same. They don’t care if you’re from Mexico, America, Russia or any other country, they treat you the same.”

The former WWE champion then had another parting message for WWE. “You have to preach with example, Stamford, if you are going to run an anti-bullying campaign, you have to stop bullying people. If you’re going to run an anti-hate campaign, you need to stop what you’re doing and stop judging people by the color of their skin!”

If things stay the same, the longer Paige is involved in these kind of videos, the less she’s going to be successful in the company again when – and if – she returns. You can see the video below.