WWE Super ShowDown PPV Pick’em Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time for the WWE PPV Pick’em Challenge! I am your host, the current WOPC Champion @TheMagnumDA. Today, I’ll be taking on our very Colin Vassallo in the Super ShowDown Pick’em Challenge! To the victor…the WOPC Championship. Here we go with the card!

Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party

Colin: It’d be funny if Lars is punished for his lame remarks by making him lose to LHP. But it won’t happen. Lars wins.

Magnum: The push continues. Give me Lars Sullivan for the win. That promo Tuesday was brutal.

The Usos vs. The Revival

Colin: This could be a great match but I think it will probably be some comedic bullshit. Two of the best tag teams in the world today. They deserve better than this. The Usos win.

Magnum: I actually think this is going to be a good, classic tag team match. This will surprise some people. The finish won’t, though. Usos for the win.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Colin: What match is this one? #1,356,486 between the two? Something like that, right? I hope Triple H puts over Orton here. He doesn’t need to win and Orton could use a big win lately. Orton with the W.

Magnum: I don’t know if “(Wrestler) could use a big win lately” can apply here. I felt that way about Undertaker facing Triple H at Super ShowDown in Australia, but look how that turned out! I’ll take the H’s, many H’s.


Colin: The Greatest Greatest Royal Rumble, right? So dumb. Good way to get everyone on the card though. Probably even the sound guy will be in this one LOL! I’d say Drew McIntyre gets this one.

Magnum: Remember last year’s Rumble, when MANSOOR made his debut? Give me that dude all the way. Why not?

Goldberg vs. The Undertaker

Colin: Wow. This is 20 years or so late. Who the hell jobs in this one!? This would have been epic back in the day, but now it’s going to be probably brutal. Bet the entrances will be longer than the match. Taker will stick around longer so I say Taker wins.

Magnum: Epic. I wish this could be like Hogan vs. Rock, but it’s more likely to end up like Hogan vs. Andre from WrestleMania IV. I still think it’s going to be fun, and I think The Undertaker will step up to the plate and Tombstone the mighty Goldberg straight to HELL! Deadman wins.

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley

Colin: My interest in this match is pretty low. It will probably be my bathroom break. Who wins? Who cares? But if you want my pick, it will probably be Braun.

Magnum: Wow. I really don’t care about this match. Unless he’s in the doghouse, Braun Strowman destroys Lashley.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Finn Bálor (c) vs. Andrade

Colin: Has Demon Finn ever lost? Probably not, eh? I can’t remember. But he sure as hell ain’t losing this one.

Magnum: I’ve actually enjoyed their series of matches, and they have been back-and-forth, in terms of booking. However, as Colin mentioned, this is definitely the Demon’s to lose. I’ll take Balor to retain.

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon

Colin: Let’s make this clear. Roman Reigns is not The Miz. Roman Reigns will not do like The Miz. He will not lose twice to Shane McMahon. No. Way. In. Hell. Roman wins.

Magnum: Man, this whole thing of Shane being one of the top heels on SmackDown…it’s just putrid. Roman wins, but they’ll make it much closer than it needs to be, because Shane. Put this god-awful feud to rest and let Miz get his win back vs. Shane so we can be done with that Mean Street Pus…someone say cat?

WWE Championship Match
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Colin: I have a feeling this will be Dolph’s last match for a while as he will be back doing his comedy gigs. Been documented that he’s there to fill for Owens so Kofi retains.

Magnum: I love how Dolph just snuck in here and got to be the top challenger because KO refuses to participate in this event. What a consolation. This devalues Kofi’s run. Kofi retains – but he needs a big win vs. a fresh opponent soon. This is not that.

WWE Universal Championship Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Colin: Baron Corbin has less percentage winning this one that Dolph has of winning the WWE title. Which is zero. I hate that they keep pushing Corbin. He has that X-Pac “get the F off my TV” heat. Seth wins. No cash in.

Magnum: I have this feeling that the cash-in is going to happen. I will take Seth to retain in a dogfight (shouldn’t be, but whatever). But don’t be surprised if the night ends with Brock once again holding the Universal strap.

Alright, that’s going to do it for us! It’s going to be a close one – but remember…tie goes to the champ! Ask Ric Flair! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! @TheMagnumDA signing off.

Magnum DA
Magnum DAhttp://www.twitter.com/themagnumda
@TheMagnumDA writes the Raw & Smackdown Live TV reports, and he is also the PPV Pick'em reporter for Wrestling-Online. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enjoys traveling, reading, and playing PSN (ROCKofJERICHO).

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