Royal Rumble 2023 pick ‘em report

Hey everybody! It’s @TheMagnumDA with another installment of the PPV Pick’em report. Tonight? It’s time to RUMBLE!! It’s time…for the ROYAL RUMBLE live from San Antonio, Texas!! 

Without question, this is one of the most entertaining PPV’s of the year, and it’s also the most unpredictable. That means my WOPC Championship is in serious jeopardy! I will be defending the title in a Fatal 4 Way against our own Colin Vassallo, Brother Bull, and newcomer LeRoy Jenkins. 

In addition to our match picks, there’s going to be up to 12 bonus points available in both the Women’s and Men’s Rumble match. Who’s going to be Champion by the end of the night? Let’s find out – ON WITH THE PICKS!

Women’s Royal Rumble match (Winning pick worth 4 points – each bonus question worth 1 point)

Colin: I think there’s only one person who should be winning this thing this year and that is Rhea Ripley. Simply put, she has been the most consistent on television and apart from her time out with injury, she rocked it with Judgment Day. Belair vs Ripley would be awesome at WrestleMania.

Bonus #1 (Who draws #1?): Liv Morgan
Bonus #2 (Who draws #2?): Rhea Ripley
Bonus #3 (Who draws #30?): Trish Stratus
Bonus #4 (Most Eliminations): Rhea Ripley
Bonus #5 (Runner-Up): Asuka
Bonus #6 (Ironwoman): Rhea Ripley

Bull: I also believe Rhea Ripley is going to win – she’s my pick. She’s on the roll of a lifetime.

Bonus #1 (Who draws #1?): Bayley
Bonus #2 (Who draws #2?): Becky Lynch
Bonus #3 (Who draws #30?): Beth Phoenix
Bonus #4 (Most Eliminations): Rhea Ripley
Bonus #5 (Runner-Up): Becky Lynch
Bonus #6 (Ironwoman): Bayley

LeRoy: Rhea Ripley seems like the popular pick – I’m taking her as well.

Bonus #1 (Who draws #1?): Lacey Evans
Bonus #2 (Who draws #2?): Emma
Bonus #3 (Who draws #30?): Zelina Vega
Bonus #4 (Most Eliminations): Rhea Ripley
Bonus #5 (Runner-Up): Bayley
Bonus #6 (Ironwoman): Rhea Ripley

Magnum: Knowing that some of my Pick’em opponents would be riding the Ripley Express, I was inclined to go with someone else. But here’s the problem…less than 10 women have been announced so far (for this match). We have no idea if Ronda Rousey will be in this match. If we were able to confirm that Charlotte Flair was in this match, I would consider her a favorite (even as SmackDown Women’s Champion). If Alexa or Bianca lose, are they in the match? There’s too many unknowns…which is why the safe play is Rhea Ripley.

Bonus #1 (Who draws #1?): Liv Morgan
Bonus #2 (Who draws #2?): Valhalla
Bonus #3 (Who draws #30?): Lita
Bonus #4 (Most Eliminations): Raquel Rodriguez
Bonus #5 (Runner-Up): Becky Lynch
Bonus #6 (Ironwoman): Liv Morgan

Pitch Black Match
Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight

Colin: I honestly have no idea what I’m expecting out of this one. Are they wrestling in the dark? How are we watching then? I dunno what’s up with Wyatt matches and different lighting. Remember the awful red lights for The Fiend?Now it’s black!? Knight winning would only make sense if Uncle Howdy interferes and costs Wyatt the match. They seem to have strapped a rocket to Knight’s ass and I’m picking him for the win.

Bull: I’m also rolling with Bray Wyatt – LA Knight has had a good run here, but Wyatt is going to take him out.

LeRoy: Bray Wyatt is going to smoke this fool LA Knight. Bank on it.

Magnum: Wow – Colin’s got some balls to take Knight. I gotta say this, though…at first, Knight didn’t seem like he could hang with Wyatt. I don’t know if he’s going to come out of this any better off, but I think he’s more than held his own…while Wyatt continues to speak and act in ambiguity. I have heard the rumblings of Uncle Howdy making an appearance, but I don’t know if it’s to help LA Knight…in fact, he might be there to hurt him. Give me Bray in his first PPV match in nearly two years.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match
Bianca Belair (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

Colin: I think this is where officially Bliss jumps to the dark side…but only after she loses the match to Belair. I can’t see Belair not walking into WrestleMania as the champion. There’s more star power in her than Bliss. Sorry, Alexa. Bianca retains.

Bull: I’m thinking Bianca will likely lose the title in the Elimination Chamber, but I’ll take her to retain tonight.

LeRoy: I think Alexa Bliss is going to come out of this match the new Raw Women’s Champion.

Magnum: You know, I’m inclined to go with Bliss too. All signs point to Bianca vs. Charlotte at WrestleMania, and while I don’t believe Alexa is going to be the Raw Women’s Champion at Mania…I could see something shocking happening here to take the title off Bianca. Maybe even an appearance by Charlotte? Or Bray/Uncle Howdy? Nah. Give me Bianca to retain.

WWE Universal Championship Match
Roman Reigns (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Kevin Owens

Colin: This should be gooood. So many possibilities involved with Sami Zayn. They did this match a few years ago already and Reigns obviously won. If it was for one of the titles, I would have picked KO to win, but this is for both titles and just like Belair, there’s no way Reigns walks into WrestleMania without one of the titles. Will Sami pass his “ultimate test” tonight? I dunno, for once I’m really not sure how they’re going to pull this off. Still, result remains the same: Roman Reigns wins.

Bull: I’m taking Roman to retain. I think the “final test” for Sami is this match, and he will help The Bloodline keep the title with the family.

LeRoy: I will also take Roman Reigns to retain, thanks to a little help from Sami Zayn.

Magnum: The obvious pick is Roman retaining – the question is how. It’s possible that Sami could cost Roman the match via DQ, leading to a rematch between KO and Roman at the Elimination Chamber (in Montreal, of all places). I’ve also heard about Sami possibly getting the title shot at the Chamber too – see my Rumble pick for more about that. In the end, I do feel like whatever Sami does (or doesn’t do), Roman will end up victorious in this match.

Men’s Royal Rumble match (Winning pick worth 4 points – each bonus question worth 1 point)

Colin: This has to be Cody’s year right? That’s what he came back for. He got injured and now he’s making his grand return. Typically those who return at the Rumble after a long injury, they end up winning. Predictable? Yes, but sometimes predictable is the best choice. And this is the best choice. Cody needs to win the title at WrestleMania this year.

Bonus #1 (Who draws #1?): Ricochet
Bonus #2 (Who draws #2?): Seth Rollins
Bonus #3 (Who draws #30?): Bro! Riddle! 
Bonus #4 (Most Eliminations): Bobby Lashley
Bonus #5 (Runner-Up): Seth Rollins
Bonus #6 (Ironman): Seth Rollins

Bull: I can’t believe I’m saying this…but with all the rumblings (ha!) about Stone Cold Steve Austin coming back, I can’t help but think that the unthinkable is about to happen. Austin makes history and wins his 4th Royal Rumble.

Bonus #1 (Who draws #1?): Seth Rollins
Bonus #2 (Who draws #2?): Cody Rhodes
Bonus #3 (Who draws #30?): Stone Cold Steve Austin
Bonus #4 (Most Eliminations): Solo Sikoa
Bonus #5 (Runner-Up): Brock Lesnar
Bonus #6 (Ironman): Cody Rhodes

LeRoy: I know there’s going to be some surprises in this Royal Rumble, but I think the winner is right in front of us – Seth Freakin’ Rollins.

Bonus #1 (Who draws #1?): Omos
Bonus #2 (Who draws #2?): Braun Strowman
Bonus #3 (Who draws #30?): Cody Rhodes
Bonus #4 (Most Eliminations): Braun Strowman
Bonus #5 (Runner-Up): Cody Rhodes
Bonus #6 (Ironman): Kofi Kingston

Magnum: That Austin pick takes some big grapefruits, not gonna lie. If Rock or Austin show up in this match, you can completely disregard my pick, because I wouldn’t have any idea who to pick if they were in the match.

The safe play is obviously Cody Rhodes, as he is returning from injury and this would be the ideal spot to return and secure a Main Event spot at WrestleMania. Having said that, there’s more than one way for Cody to get a title shot at WrestleMania…in fact, it could happen in February at the Elimination Chamber. A little adversity for Cody wouldn’t hurt his quest to become a champion. 

Ultimately, I see two callbacks happening in this match – the nWo’s dominance at World War 3 in 1996, and the Evolution heel turn from 2004 (where Triple H excommunicated Randy Orton after he became World Champion). I see The Bloodline working together as a unit, tossing guys left and right until it’s down to Cody and Seth vs. all four Bloodline members. In the end, during a struggle between Seth, Cody, and Solo…Sami Zayn sees a window of opportunity and eliminates all three men to win the Rumble…which seals his fate with The Bloodline.  

Bonus #1 (Who draws #1?): Cody Rhodes
Bonus #2 (Who draws #2?): Seth Rollins
Bonus #3 (Who draws #30?): Riddle
Bonus #4 (Most Eliminations): Solo Sikoa
Bonus #5 (Runner-Up): Cody Rhodes
Bonus #6 (Ironman): Cody Rhodes

There you have it! I hope everyone enjoys the show tonight. We will see you next month for the ELIMINATION CHAMBER!! @TheMagnumDA signing off.

Magnum DA
Magnum DAhttp://www.twitter.com/themagnumda
@TheMagnumDA writes the Raw & Smackdown Live TV reports, and he is also the PPV Pick'em reporter for Wrestling-Online. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enjoys traveling, reading, and playing PSN (ROCKofJERICHO).

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