UFC on FX 5 post fight press conference highlights

The paid attendance for tonight’s UFC on FX 5: Browne vs Silva was 7,000 plus. The exact number wasn’t given because the UFC President couldn’t make out the writing. The gate for the event was $358,000. The submission of the night went to Justin Edwards, knockout of the night Michael Johnson and fight of the night went to Diego Nunes and Bart Palaszewski. Each fighter will take home an extra $40,000 for their award.

Travis Browne  looked to clearly be injured in his fight with Antonio Silva, as he wasn’t able to put pressure on his left leg. Browne said that he felt on the first kick that he attempted his left hamstring pop three times. This was his first defeat in his career and he wanted give credit to Silva though for coming in and getting the win. When Browne was asked if it was his leg or the punches as for the reason he couldn’t get back up he made it clear that he didn’t want to take anything away from Silva. Browne wanted it to be known that he is still the same fighter and will come back even tougher in his next fight.

Dana White is happy with Jake Ellenberger and how he performed tonight because  everyone knows how tough Jay Hieron is and Jake fought smart. Jake himself was questioned as to his approach because it was a much more surgical method to him tonight compared to some of his past fights say Diego Sanchez for example.

Johnson was very appreciative for the knock out of the night honors especially since his air conditioning in his car is out and it is still hot in Florida. Johnson says he left his hand low and Castillo caught him. The choke was tight but he wasn’t going to give in. Johnson had won his previous two fights and didn’t want to lose the moment he had been building.

Dana White was asked of the situations that the UFC has to deal with such as Dennis Hallman not making weight and Jeremy Stephens being arrested. The UFC president says that this is the kind of stuff he now has to deal with every day. Dana White topped it off when he stated he said “when I get up now it is like a soap opera.” That is the struggles the company and he must deal with when they have 475 fighters on contract.

Dana respects everyone who fights and who has helped them get where they are today. The UFC will do anything for their guys and he gave the example with Hallman that even though they hadn’t always seen eye to eye he is going to help. Hallman has some serious personal issues to take care of and that is why he was given his show money and his win bonus before he was released from his contract after failing to make weight.

The UFC has their sights set on India in 2013. They are looking to take both the UFC events over there and The Ultimate Fighter franchise.

Dana White then went into the situation of the day about Jeremy Stephens and his arrest. The UFC president had received a call this morning informing him of Stephens arrest. Stephens was picked up yesterday afternoon for a felony arrest warrant out of Des Moines, IA. Dana felt that this was set up on purpose since Stephens had been in town since Monday and could have picked up at any time. White spent the day negotiating and agreeing to many things including as he called it an “astronomical” amount of money only to have them change their demands.

If you are a part of the UFC then he will have your back. White had even offered up to such things flying him to Des Moines, and having armed police escort him to and from the event. White had a hard time accepting that he couldn’t get him bailed out. This was, as he put it, an assault charge and he hadn’t gone on a killing spree. He even brought up the fact that Floyd Mayweather Jr. had been convicted and got to pick when he went to jail. Dana White was so set on being able to get him out that was the reason for his anger towards the media who were reporting that the fight was off.

The UFC will also take care of  Yves Edwards who was told 35 minutes before the main event that his fight was off and Dana personally feels it is an honor to work with him. Edwards will get his show money and will be given a fight soon. “I don’t care if we have to have 37 fights on  one card” according to White.

I will try to get the whole video up shortly.



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