Dave Bautista making MMA debut tonight in heavyweight fight

Batista Batista

Former WWE and World Heavyweight champion Batista will be making his MMA debut tonight, fighting under his real name of Dave Bautista.

The 43 year old is fighting Vincent Lucero after his original opponent, Rashid Evans, had to be pulled out from the fight.

In an interview with Sportsvibe.co.uk, Bautista said that by the time his opponent was changed, his training camp was already done and with lack of footage of his new opponent, there was no way to change training or plans, so he’s going in with the same game plan.

Speaking about being compared to Lashley and Lesnar – who both ventured into MMA before he did – Bautista said that while both of them based their MMA on wrestling, he prefers standing up and striking.

The fight will air tonight on pay-per-view as well as on his website BautistaMMA.com.