TUF: Jones vs Sonnen episode 2 recap

The two teams rush the house and Jones’ team takes the upstairs and Team Sonnen are in the rooms  down stairs. Jones brought in Frank Mir, Bubba Jenkins, John Wood and Stonehorse Goeman to help coach this season. While Sonnen has help this season  from Vinny Magalhaes, Clayton Hires, Mike Dolce, Jamie Huey and Scott McQuary.
Jones team is still has their reservations about Gilbert Smith fighting first and the team doesn’t think that he is physically ready. Coaches for Jones’ team are even having their own reservations on whether it is the physical or mental aspect at this point. Gilbert is getting down himself feeling that he doesn’t have any positive motivation from his teammates or coaches at this point. Gilbert received a flag with inspirational messages from his loved ones that led him to break down crying which disturbed his teammates even further.

Sonnen is confident it is his team, he got the fighters he wanted and all the coaches that he wanted. For Chael to know what is fighters are feeling and know when they need to be rested or pushed harder is for him to get in there and be doing everything that his fighters are.

Bubba McDaniel turns to Mir as soon as he can get him alone and vents his frustrations about Gilbert and his crying the night before and that the team feels he is jeopardizing all they chances in the house if he isn’t ready for the fight. Meanwhile Jones and the other coaches are listening in from the other side of the door after the team has a fighters meeting.  Jones comes in and provides a little motivation for Gilbert. Gilbert showed in his previous fight leaving his chin and head out there when he strikes so they had him working on throwing the overhand left so his head will lower when he throws the punch correctly.

Sonnen and the coaches came by the house to visit the team. Sonnen pulls Uriah Hall aside telling him he wants to be sure he gets into the next round. Hall has a different idea all together and wants to take out Team Jones’ biggest hitters right away. Sonnen wants Barnatt to focus on the huge reach advantage that he has.

Dana even questioned the thinking of Jones to why he has one of the shortest fighters in the house going against one of the tallest.

First round starts and within the first 20 second Luke Barnatt catches Gilbert Smith with a groin shot and is warned immediately. Smith is shoots in and pressures Barnatt against the fence then briefly gets the take down before Barnatt gets back up puts Smith on the cage and gets his own take down. Smith gets back up and they jockey for position and trade shots in close against the fence. Barnatt lands a couple could knees from the clinch and Smith again briefly gets another take down but is unable to do anything with it. With about 2 minutes left they get some space and Barnatt utilizes the reach and jab. Smith gets another take down but ends up on bottom. Jones voices his frustration with everyone else chiming in and goes silent for the remainder of the round.

Between rounds Jones tells Smith to get inside and hit him in the face. Smith tries to stand briefly before attempting another take down that he eventually gets and Barnatt is on top and Smith has to get back to his feet. Smith stays glued to Barnatt working hard for another take down. Barnatt grabs the arm for a kimura and they go to the ground. Smith gets the top position and Barnatt wall walks back to his feet and takes Smith down. Now Barnatt is in half guard and and Smith is having to work to get back to his feet.  Smith once again gets in close Barnatt grabs the clinch and Smith pulls back. Smith immediately shoots another take down and Barnatt sees it coming from a mile away and lands a stepping knee as Smith comes in to knock him out and Mazzigati has seen enough.

Winner by TKO(he was out though) in rd 2 Luke Barnatt

Dana is shown turning to someone and saying “That was a bad match-up. Jones made that match.”

Jones said after the fight “Gilbert lost the fight tonight before he got here. I don’t feel like here ever got the ball rolling and basically Luke came with the better cardio, more confidence. I don’t think cardio should ever be a reason to lose a fight.”

Josh Samman of Team Jones in his diary time  with camera says “he is not going to make a big deal of it everyone knows he told him so.”

Bubba McDaniel of Team Jones tries to swing the fight to the one he wants and immediately calls out Team Sonnen’s Kevin Casey. Jones in the locker room tells his team that he hates losing and now they can’t sweep the other team now.

Team Sonnen has the pick now and decides it will be Uriah Hall will face Adam Cella from Jones’ team. Jones feels that Hall is one of the toughest on the show and that he has to build Adam up.

Have to watch next week as one of the most devastating finishes ever is about to be shown.




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