TUF 17: Jones vs Sonnen Finale recap

UFC will crown a tournament champion for season 17 at the 185 pound weight limit. Also a season 18 coach will be decided as the winner of Miesha Tate vs Cat Zingano will get the job and a shot at Ronda Rousey and her belt.  In the main event Urijah Faber takes on former fellow WEC fighter Scott Jorgensen. Keep refreshing and the most current fight will be added right after this paragraph or follow @wonlinemma on twitter for live coverage also.

Its been 10 years since Urijah Faber made his pro MMA debut and tonight he takes on a former training partner in Scott Jorgensen. Jorgensen quickly goes for a take down and Faber lands as quick combo as he was on his way in. Jorgensen gets the inside trip off the cage then gets Faber’s back as he gets to his feet. Faber side slams him instead and is working on taking the back. Jorgensen gets back to his feet and they separate. Faber with a big knee to the chest as Jorgensen comes in. Faber prevents a take down put switches over to the back of Jorgensen and locks in the hooks. Jorgensen is more then adapt on the ground and these two are rolling back and forth as Faber holds on to a front choke. Jorgensen is able to work free but Faber flips around as is back on the back of his opponent. What a great ground grappling session by these two. In round 2 Jorgensen charges forward and eats an inside leg kick to the groin and they briefly pause the action. Jorgensen is successfully landing the counter now and Faber winsors out of a take down attempt. Faber is doing a great job of mixing the strikes up top with those to the body along with a knee and kick. Faber gets the take down and is in the guard of Jorgensen. Jorgensen working for a kimura. Faber switches to side control and back to his feet as Jorgensen tries to manipulate that arm. Jorgensen is landing the counter strikes effectively now. Third round Jorgensen is landing the right hand with hooks and uppercuts. Jorgensen eats a right left combo to the head that was followed by a right hook to the body. Jorgensen working the left jab. Jorgensen goes for another take down against the cage. Knee now a right as they get to the center of the cage. Faber eats a right and Jorgensen tries to take the back of Faber. Jorgensen with an elbow on the break. Jorgensen with a right uppercut followed by a left straight. Faber is now trying to counter and gets a huge double and now has the back of Jorgensen but the round comes to a close and that’s two rounds to one for Faber in my eyes. Two rounds to go. Faber now is pressing the action again and Jorgensen is unsuccessful at a double leg. Faber with an uppercut followed by a blocked left and right but a knee behind it finds a home. Jorgensen is sneakily landing a lead elbow when they get in close and Faber now with a take down and he switches onto the back od Jorgensen. Faber has the body lock now rolls onto his back and hooks the neck crank then sinks it under the chin to get the RNC and Jorgensen taps out.

Winner by Submission at 3:16 of round 4 Urijah Faber.

Next up the newest TUF winner will be crowned as Kelvin Gastelum took on fellow Team Sonnen fighter Uriah Hall. Hall looked great through the whole tournament and Gastelum is the youngest TUF competitor ever.  Gastelum came out full speed ahead while Hall looked to set up precision striking. Hall looked a little cocky pulling middleweight king Anderson Silva type moves with his hands down and trying to bob his head out of the way. Hall was rocked though and Gastelum got the take down and was in control from the top most of the round. Hall in the second now is finding a home for his kicks as he puts a spinning back kick into the body then a high kick. Gastelum gets the take down once he backs Hall into the cage. Hall is taking some damage but nothing real dangerous. Hall reverses and now has Gastelum on his back. Gastelum gets back to his feet but eats some punches and kick to the body. Hall was able to get the trip with his back to the cage and pounds away at the body of Gastelum. Hall moves Gastelum’s head toward the cage and as Gastelum gets up Hall takes his back. Hall picks him up and belly to back suplexes him only for Gastelum to turn and get back to his feet. Gastelum does some work from the clinch but not much before the second stanza comes to a close.  Hall looks to be in no hurry and lands a pair of kicks. Now Hall is feinting with his hands down and landing the straights. Hall gets suplexed now but is able to roll with it and do some damage briefly from the top as Gastelum gets back to his feet. Half way through the last round and I would say Hall needs to end this fight to get the win but he is in no hurry and Gastelum is walking him down then lands an over hand left. Gastelum gets another double and is working for a kimura but doesn’t get it and now Hall goes for an arm bar but Gastelum is back in the guard and dropping down punches. Hall is firing away from back but Gastelum catches the arm and is going for an arm bar right before the fight comes to a close. I think the 21 year old last pick took this fight, the TUF crown and a new Harley-Davidson.

Winner of The Ultimate Fighter 17 by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Kelvin Gastelum

Kelvin Gastelum gets the submission of season with his RNC against Josh Samman. Luke Barnatt vs Dylan Andrews take home fight of the season and obviously Uriah Hall gets the knock out of the season for that ridiculous spinning heel kick. Each fighter gets $25k.

Dana White announces that next season of The Ultimate Fighter will be airing on the soon to be debuting FOX Sports 1 channel. TUF 18 will feature men and women bantamweights and be coached by Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano. Jon Anik said that the new season will premier in September.

The second ever Women’s fight in the UFC featuring Miesha “Cupcake” Tate vs Cat “Alpha” Zingano was next up on the fight card.  Tate came out looking for the take down Zingano defended well and nearly got a standing guillotine but Tate popped free. Zingano got rocked by some big punches from Tate. These two are going back and forth. Tate gets the take down and Zingano sweeps to get side control. They get back up and exchange some big punches but both chins are holding up thus far. Tate gets another take down this time she is doing damage with the elbow on Zingano. This was a furious pace to round 1. Zingano charges out for the start of round 2 with a flying knee. Tate gets the dominant position as they go to the ground and works the body of Zingano. Tate postures up delivers some huge ground and pound before she goes for an arm bar. Tate can’t get it though and she goes back to mount to rain down more punches. Zingano is bleeding from the nose now. Tate goes for the back and Zingano gets into the guard of Tate. Tate now switches to a heel hook but Zingano is avoiding and she turns and is now in half guard. Tate is eating the big shots now from the ground. Tate gets back to her feet but eats a pair of jabs before she unsuccessfully goes for a take down at the end of the second. Zingano now with the take down and has Tate folded up delivering shots from the top. Zingano now is in half guard trying to get the mount but still doing damage. Zingano has now bloodied up Tate with these punches and elbows. Tate keeps trying to do anything possible but Zingano is making her pay. Tate gets up and eats a knee and she quickly drops back to the ground. Tate gets up again and eats three more knees and an elbow to drop Tate and Winslow has seen enough. Zingano had to be down on the score cards going into that last round but she pulls it out and moves to 8-0. Zingano will coach opposite Rousey and get a championship fight next.

Winner by TKO at 2:55 of round 3 Cat “Alpha” Zingano

Finally the big boys have made their way to the cage as the lone heavyweight battle of the night. Travis Browne took on former title challenger Gabriel Gonzaga. Browne came out aggressive and missed with a head kick that Gonzaga ducked under. Gonzaga tied up Browne and worked non-stop for the take down until Browne drove his elbow into the side of Gonzaga’s head as he was working for a take down to knock out Gonzaga cold. That some power!

Winner by KO at 1:11 of round 1 Travis Browne

In the first fight to take place on the main card Gilbert Smith matches up with Jackson MMA fighter Bubba McDaniel. McDaniel came out and pressed the action from the get go including getting a thai clinch and landing some knees. Smith got the separation and take down shortly after. Smith spent most of the round on top but Bubba was able to threaten submissions from the bottom including a deep guillotine. Bubba was able to use the guillotine to sweep Smith and do some damage from side control at the close of round 1. McDaniel stuns Smith early in the second round but the next couple minutes are made up of Smith working for a take down. McDaniel gets the separation and lands a couple good shots before he goes for a take down himself. Smith sprawls and tries for a guillotine but McDaniel quickly changed sides and popped his head free. McDaniel briefly takes the back of Smith then into the half guard before Smith gets to his feet. In round 3 they alternate ground positions as Smith shows how versed he is getting off his back and McDaniel landing some shots when he was on top however the last time Smith swept McDaniel he landed right into the arm in triangle and quickly tapped out mid way through the final round.

Winner by Submission at 2:49 of Round 3 Bubba McDaniel

I’ll be back top of the hour with the main card on FX.

The final prelim fight is Kevin Casey vs Josh Samman. Samman quickly gets the take down but Casey locks in an arm in triangle and has it deep but Samman slams Casey over and over and Casey lets go of the hold. Casey sweeps though and is now on top pounding away on Samman against the cage. Samman is doing all he can to sweep or lock in a submission but Casey is just relentless from the top pinning the arm of Samman then delivering some shots. Samman wall walks with 45 seconds left and eats a knee to the body. Samman gets Casey against the cage now and Samman locks up a thai clinch and delivers knee after knee to the body as the first round ends. Second round Samman gets the clinch again and knees away again and again at Casey. Casey has been hurt and goes down but comes up only to get caught back in the clinch and eats more and more knees and he drops again. The ref has seen enough.

Winner by TKO at 2:17 of round 2 Josh Samman

The first overall pick from this season the 6’6″ Luke Barnatt took on Team Jones fighter Collin Hart. Hart who only is at a one inch reach disadvantage despite 4″ in height stays in close trying to keep Barnatt from using his height. Hart came in leading with the leg kicks each time. Hart gets the big man down two minutes into the fight and quickly takes Barnatt’s back but Barnatt gets to his feet and shakes off Hart. Hart is not being timid and is charging inside winging the big punches. Barnatt is utilizing the jab now and both men are cut now. Barnatt is coming forward with what looks like a stepping right elbow but than brings the hand and not the elbow at the chin. Great first round as these two look to make this a serious fight. Hart once again connects and stuns Barnatt. Hart tries for a swinging back fist then immediately spins again for a high kick that is blocked this time. The 6’6″ Barnatt tries for a huge flying knee that misses but he gets good air. Barnatt again working that jab and these two continue the non-stop action. Hart’s face is busted up as he is bleeding from the nose and mouth. Barnatt is not unscathed as he has some swelling and minor cuts himself. Both men are starting to slow at the end of the round but the fight as left neither as Barnatt goes for a kimura as Hart tries to take him down then a standing guillotine right before the end of the second stanza. The third round was much like the first two Barnatt working the jab and swinging for the fences when Hart came in close. Hart worked over and over for the take down but was only able to get it for short periods. Barnatt proved his wrestling training with Chael Sonnen paid off and he gets to have a memorable 25th birthday with his first UFC victory.

Winner by Unanimous Decision (29-28×2, 30-27) Luke Barnatt

Team Jones Dylan Andrews was up next as he met Team Sonnen’s Jimmy Quinlan. Quinlan sprints across the cage immediately to attempt the take down. Andrews is able to avoid and once Quinlan does get him down he quickly gets back to his feet but Quinlan doesn’t give him any space. 2 minutes into the fight Quinlan gets a take down into side control but once again can’t keep Andrews there. Once Andrews is back up Quinlan swarms and tries for another take down and the ref breaks them apart and as Quinlan charges Andrews drills him with a right to the back portion of the head and Andrews pounds away with the right on a turtled up Quinlan.

Winner at 3:22 of round 1 by TKO Dylan Andrews

Just as we saw the Facebook prelims all featherweights the FuelTV prelims will feature all middleweights.

Now that we have switched to FuelTV for the prelims a season 16 fighter Bristol Marunde will square off with this TUF season fighter Clint Hester at middleweight (185lbs). In what started out as a slow first round and brought on numerous boos from the Vegas crowd picked up when Marunde got a take down with 90 seconds left than Hester landed a right when he got back to his feet to drop Marunde briefly before Marunde secured another take down and laid in the guard to end the round. The second round saw more action and far less boos. Both men where more loose and willing to strike but Hester was the aggressor pressing the action. Marunde missed with a head kick and slipped. Marunde kept fighting and got the top position when Hester swarmed on him. Hester attempted a triangle and Marunde stood up only to eat an up kick and fall back down to his knees. Hester nailed him with more shots and Marunde tried to fire back to no avail but was able to survive till the end of round 2. In round 3 the action slowed again as there was not as much on the strikes from either. Hester did land a flying knee and was able to sprawl out of the take down that followed from Marunde. After the first couple take downs in the fight Hester did a good job of sprawling and putting pressure on the back of Marunde’s head to avoid the take downs. Hester lands an arching standing elbow that knocks Marunde out as he came forward with an upper cut to end the fight with just over a minute left.

Winner by KO at 3:53 of round 3 Clint Hester

FuelTV prelims will begin in 20 minutes.

In the final Facebook prelim fight another pair of featherweights take to the cage as Cole Miller and Bart Palaszewski enter. At first Miller was getting the edge in striking keeping Palasweski at a distance but Palaszewski started countering well then even had Miller backed into the cage and landed some good combos. Miller with a minute left in the first got a double leg take down Miller got his back as he tried to get up and locked in the rear naked choke to secure the victory.

Winner by Submission at 4:23 of Round 1 Cole “Magrinho”  Miller

Two more featherweights enter the cage as Maximo Blanco faces off with Sam Sicilia. While Blanco got an early take down this first round was pretty.  Blanco utilized the jab to keep Sicilia at a distance and Sicilia landed more of the lunging punches. Both men also spent a fair amount of time striking the opponents body and legs with kicks. Early in the second Sicilia landed a nice combo and looked to hurt Blanco. Blanco escapes and hurts Sicilia and the two men stand and trade punches not trying to block anything. Blanco gets the take down and got the full mount. A bloodied Sicilia was able to get to his feet and immediately stays in close trying to punish Blanco. Sicilia catches Blanco with a left right combo that jarred the head of Blanco only for Blanco to land a combo of his own. Again another close round. Blanco charges forward and misses with a flying knee but fires off punch after punch that hurts Sicilia . Sicilia now lands a right that wobbles Blanco. These two are trading  big shots yet neither one will stay down. Winslow has warned Blanco over and over again about grabbing the fence. They spend the last minute of the fight trying to secure a take down or get a submission. Ultra close fight that I would edge to Blanco due to volume and take downs even though Sicilia dropped him at one point. The judges scored it the same.

Winner by Unanimous Decision (29–28×3) Maximo “Maxi” Blanco

Up first though is the featherweights (145lbs) as Justin Lawrence takes on Daniel Pineda. Pineda takes this fight down to the ground early. Lawrence was briefly able to get to his feet. Pineda gets him back down to the mat and locks in a kimura from the top and Lawrence has no choice but to tap.

Winner by Submission at 1:35 of rd 1 Daniel “The Pit” Pineda

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