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TUF: Jones vs Sonnen episode 3 recap

This episode has been built up for one of the most devastating finishes of all time. Will it be Hall or Cella to go down? They show an ambulance loading someone into it with one of Sonnen’s coaches standing there in the clips leading up to this weeks episode. Lets see how it will happen as Team Jones’ Adam Cella faces off against Team Sonnen’s Uriah Hall.

Bubba McDaniels is still playing the I told you so card in regards to Team Jones losing the first fight and wanting his fight with Kevin Casey. Casey feels disrespected by the call out but tells McDaniel that it will go down even if it has to happen in the house. Mixed group of TUF competitors are sitting outside by the fire and Hall said some thing along the lines of so and so is smart and is a “professional cooker.” Josh corrected him by telling him he meant “chef” which triggers flash backs for Hall who came from Jamaica and being picked on as a youth so he is determined to call out Josh after the fight.

In training you see Hall’s competitive side come out. As Sonnen said he is one of the best athletes there and pushes himself to be first in everything that they do but Uriah is Uriah’s worst enemy. As Casey gets his arm while they are rolling Hall won’t let the defeat go and wants to go again even though practice is done.

Adam talks that he doesn’t have to do this; he has an education, has a job and will have one when he gets back. He feels that gives him the advantage because he wants to win and doesn’t have to. Jones points out that Hall has broken some ones arm with a kick and that Cella may want to not take too many of them. Jones feels Adam has a lot to improve on grappling so Jones takes the time to show him a basic and efficient technique (short elbows from the guard) that may work better for him.

Sonnen talks game plan as Hall is shown striking with another coach and Sonnen says the plan is to go forward and his team is focused on the offense and making the other team have to adapt while going back wards. Sonnen gives Hall some advice about not beating yourself and that he even saw a sports psychologist. Randy Couture told Chael that it doesn’t go away he has to recognize it and push through it. It is normal to have doubt and its okay to to acknowledge it. That is just part of but ultimately you its your choice to fail or succeed.

When they return from commercial break Casey tells the other guys in the fan that he would rather not face Bubba in the first round of the competition. Chael puts up a picture of Casey in the next fight slot. Cella feels like they are looking past him and McDaniel who wants to fight Casey puts his picture up in the spot that Sonnen had put a question mark.

Its Jones turn to make a visit to the house and brought food for the guys that they bbq and also his puppy. Jones takes his team out to the fire pit and they sit around sharing stories so Jones can get to know his team. Jones plays it up that he is getting choked up and teary eyed hearing their stories.

Team Jones’ Adam Cella vs Team Sonnen’s Uriah Hall

Round 1-

Hall definitely has more of a kick boxer approach with his hands up but further apart. Hall is able to get a couple jabs in and they trade knees to the body as Hall gets the clinch. Cella tries for kick and Hall catches it and takes the fight to the ground. Cella goes for a submission and Hall stands up to punch down at him. Cella is able to get back up and Hall hits him with a hook then a front kick to the body that knocks Cella briefly to the mat. Hall lets him back up and eats a weak right. Hall catches another kick and pulls the leg out from under Cella who briefly goes down again. Hall lands a nice leg kick head kick with out ever letting his foot touch the mat again. Hall lands a side kick that briefly knocks Cella down again. Cella pops up and is trying to go on the offensive. Hall gets the clinch again and delivers another series of knees to the body. Hall is letting his hands drop and Chael has to keep reminding him to jab. Cella tries another spinning back fist but misses by a lot again. Hall lands a spinning heel kick right to the jaw of Cella with 5 seconds left and it is over. That kick connected right in front of the ear but nothing but heel to jaw. Cella is breathing like a fish out of water and the room falls silent. Hall says “Sorry Adam” and that is all that is heard. Hall looks shaken up at what he just did. Cella is in a seated position. Cella says “Spinning heel kick.” Cella is asked if he can see and he says “I can see Uriah.”  Docs ask if he has any numbness or weird feeling and he says he doesn’t know what happened. They help him to the stool and every one applauds. Cella is back to his feet and he embraces Hall in the center.  The kick was what Barboza finished Etim with but it wasn’t just a clip this time it was a pure connection.

Winner by KO Uriah Hall

Uriah Hall tells the camera that he is sorry about the kick to Adam and hopefully he wont be mad at him and looks forward to see him soon. It is hurt business but he is a human being and he feels bad that he could have really hurt him.

Mazzagati comes in and tells Team Jones’ Adam is okay, just going to have a CAT scan and should have his memory back in about an hour or so.

Up next…

Team Sonnen’s Kevin Casey vs Team Jones’ Collin Hart

Bubba McDaniel is upset; go figure.  He figures that Casey or the other team is scared. Will Jones get his first win next week?

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