TUF Fridays on FX episode 1 recap

This season of the Ultimate Fighter will feature the welterweight division. The coaches are heavyweights as former interim champion Shane Carwin and TUF winner Roy Nelson take opposite sides. This season’s winner will leave with a six figure contract and custom Harley Davidson motorcycle for themselves and their coach.

Kevin Nowaczyk, 11-2, Chicago, IL vs Dom Waters, 4-1, Santa Rosa, CA
Dom catches Kevin with a left uppercut to drop him 27 seconds into the fight than pounds him out till the ref stops the fight.

Dom Waters moves into the house with a ko victory

Lev Magen,  4-0,  Las Vegas, NV vs Michael Hill,  4-0,  Kelowna, Canada
Hill comes out throwing short power punches but nothing lands clean about 90 seconds in though Michael Hill goes right hook to the body and left to the head to knock out Lev.

Michael Hill moves into the house with a knock out

Bristol Marunde, 15-7, Las Vegas, NV  vs George Lockhart, 10-4, Atlanta, GA
George spends the first minute and half going for a take down he gets in some nice shots to the body and head but when he dives again for the take down. Bristol sprawls and locks in a front choke and puts George to sleep.

Bristol Marunde moves into the house with a submission victory

Jason South, 8-0, West Jordan, UT vs Mike Ricci, 7-2, Montreal, Canada
Mike Ricci counters with a straight left and drops South. He follows him to the canvas fights off submission attempts and is able to get the tko victory about two minutes into the first round.

Mike Ricci gets the TKO win.

Julian Lane, 4-0, Mansfield, OH vs Diego Bautista, 7-1, Lakewood, CA
Only highlights were shown for this fight and Lane threw numerous high kicks from the looks of it and able was to get the take down and control from the top for the remainder of round 1. In round 2 not much of significance and according to Dana White “Lane wins this fight by absolutely horrifying boring decision.”

Julian Lane takes the decision.

Cortez Coleman, 8-3, Hugo, OK vs Igor Araujo, 22-6, Albuquerque, NM
Round 1 Coleman was looking good sprawls on a take down and is able to flip Igor on to his back and deliver elbows. In round 2 Coleman gets Igor down but Igor takes his back than moves into the mount. Igor pounds away and they go to a third round. In round 3 Igor gets a triangle and Coleman taps out. Dana points out that Coleman showed up to his big chance out of shape and gassed in a fight he should have been able to win.

Igor Araujo moves into the house by round 3 submission

James Chaney, 7-2, Klamath Falls, OR vs Jerel Clark, 5-1, Reno, NV
Chaney latches on and pulls guard. Chaney goes for an arm bar than a shoulder lock to an arm bar again and eventually is able to get the triangle submission 90 seconds into the first round.

James Chaney by submission in round 1.

Zane Kamaka, 6-0, Klaianae, HI vs Cameron Diffley, 3-0, Las Vegas, NV
Cameron Diffley was a ju juitsu coach for Forrest Griffin during season 7.
Diffley drops down 30 secs in and gets the take down. Kamaka uses his long legs to sweep him and take the top but Diffley got a hold of the arm and wins by arm bar

Cameron Diffley round 1 submission victory

Frank Camacho, 10-2, Camp Springs, MD vs Neil Magny, 7-1, Chicago, IL
Camacho gets in close and has Magny on the fence. He delivers some nice shoulder strikes than gets the take down. Camacho is able to land some shots but Magny gets back to his feet and gets his own take down but he took a beating in the first round. In the second round Magny gets the take down and lands some knees and punches. When they get back to the feet. Magny lands some good straights down the middle and a front kick. Magny takes the second to force the sudden victory. Magny looking good with energy to spare is finding a home for his punches down the middle. Magny gets the take down and pounds away on a bloody Camacho. Camacho briefly gets back to his feet and Magny takes him back down. Camacho tries for a guillotine but can’t get the submission and Magny goes back to pounding away from the mount.

Neil Magny moves into the house.

Ricky Legere Jr., 14-4, Corona, CA vs Jon Manley, 7-1, Ludlow, MA
Highlights shown only for this fight. Dana wasn’t impressed. Nelson was bored by the wrestling match and Carwin thought they were very evenly matched.

Jon Manly gets the decision victory.

Colton Smith, 3-1 vs Jesse Barrett, 8-0
Highlights shown only and the fight opens with Smith  faking the touch of gloves and sticking a power double leg as the fight begins. Smith gets into the mount and pounds away but not enough to stop the fight. In the second round it is more of the same.

Colton Smith gets the decision victory.

Matt Secor, 3-1, S. Glens Falls, NY vs Max Griffin, 4-1, Sacramento, CA
Secor goes for the take downs early and often and once he is able to get one. Griffin lands on the top and delivers a vicious elbow. Secor goes for a knee bar but Griffin is able to escape. Secor. keeps trying for the take down but has not had much success now he pulls guard and threatens submissions from the bottom but just eats punches. Griffin gets a rear naked choke but Secor is saved by the horn to end the round. Secor is able to get the take down in the second and get into the mount it looked like he had an arm triangle but gave it up and the fight goes to a third after one round for each fighter. In the third Secor ducks under a punch and drags Griffin down. Secor moves to mount and than switches to an arm bar. Griffin is able to get free momentarily before Secor gets the triangle choke submission victory.

Matt Secor pulls off the submission victory to get to move into the house.

David Michaud, 4-0, Pine Ridge, SD vs Eddy Ellis, 17-15-1, Olympia, WA
Only highlights shown and Eddy Ellis looks good in the first round working the elbows from the top. The second round Ellis gets an arm triangle and taps out Michaud.

Eddy Ellis moves into the house.

Saad Awad, 11-4, San Bernardino, CA vs Joey Rivera, 7-1, Tucson, AZ
These two spent the first round going back and forth and than in the second both men looked more on the tired side and neither went for the kill.

Joey Rivera gets the decision victory.

Nic Herron-Webb, 11-3, Anchorage, AK vs Tim Ruberg, 9-1, Harrison, OH
Tim comes out throwing bombs and pushes Nic into the cage. Tim gets the throw and into half guard. Nic is able to get him into the full guard but Tim is winning this slow first round with the occasional strike. Nic is working for a kimura from the bottom. Nic gets his leg over the head of Ruberg and get the arm bar submission.

Nic Herron-Webb gets to enter the house after the submission victory.

Sam Alvey, 18-4, Murrieta, CA vs Leo Kuntz, 14-1-1, Bismark, ND
Sam Alvey smiles and eats leg kicks for the first 45 seconds than with one short right hook he damn near knocks the jaw off Kuntz.

Sam Alvey with a round 1 knock out.

Every finish will get $5,000 this season.
Big Country won the coin toss and elected to choose the first fight.

Team Carwin (in order of pick): Alvey, Marunde, Ricci, Magny, Chaney, Ellis, Araujo, Secor.

Team Nelson( in order of pick): Waters, Hill, Diffley, Smith, Manly, Herron-Webb, Rivera, Lane

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