Wooooo! Ric Flair says he went one-on-one with Halle Berry…in bed!


On the latest episode of The Ric Flair podcast, the former 16-time World champion revealed one Bond girl who “rode the space mountain.”

When asked if there were any famous celebrities who he slept with, Flair said that “several dozen” did and then name-checked Academy Award winner Halle Berry. “She was in Atlanta and just got divorced from David Justice,” Flair said, saying this happened in 2001.

Flair was then asked to clarify if the story was real and the Nature Boy said he didn’t have to make up a lie. He refused to name any more celebrities he took on “space mountain,” probably realizing the mistake he did by even mentioning one by name to begin with.

Ric Flair was trending on Twitter today and many users thought that his name was trending because he passed away and then made jokes and posted funny gifs that it was only because he banged Barry.