Watch the UFC 203 Countdown episode featuring CM Punk


With just a couple of days to go for UFC 203, the Countdown episode featuring CM Punk and his opponent Mickey Gall has been uploaded on the UFC YouTube account.

The 13-minute UFC production follows Punk and Gall as they face their final few weeks of training before their highly anticipated fight. Gall goes in with a 2-0 MMA record while Punk is still at 0-0.

“What’s the worst that can happen? Would I get knocked out in 5 seconds? I have lived most of my life in front of cameras. I have shit my pants on national television. I don’t think it can get more embarrassing,” Punk explained. He added that he does not feel any pressure and the pressure is all on his opponent.

Punk’s coach Duke Roufus said that as soon as the contract was signed, the “animal inside CM Punk” came out. The former WWE champion noted that September 10 will be one of the happiest days of life. “The spotlight is on and I’m gonna shine,” he said.

You can watch the episode of UFC Countdown below.