The Rock shows once again why he’s the People’s Champion!


There’s a reason why The Rock calls himself The People’s Champion, because quite frankly, he really is.

In a video posted on his Instagram, the multiple-time WWE champion and Hollywood’s most in-demand action hero, stopped his truck as he was driving back from the gym because he noticed a couple of fans screaming at him.

“Alright so there’s kids right now they’re like ‘Yo, I love you, I love you!’ and I was working out….What’s up,” the Rock says as he exited his pickup truck. Three fans rush to give Johnson a hug, not caring that he’s sweating like crazy.

“I’m getting hugs, I’m getting love, thank you so much! I was training yet here they are,” Rock said while filming the whole thing on video.

You can check it out below (or at if the video doesn’t load).