Scott Hall records video message from DDP’s house in Atlanta


Former nWo member Scott Hall taped a message from Diamond Dallas Page’s place in Atlanta where he has joined Jake “The Snake” Roberts to try a different kind of rehab with DDP Yoga.

Hall talked about a video that DDP uploaded on YouTube – but later removed – where DDP phoned Hall to try and convince him to come to Atlanta. Hall was so drunk that he said he couldn’t even remember talking to DDP and Jake that day and when later DDP offered to take down the video, Hall gave the go ahead.

After arriving in Atlanta, Hall saw the video and heard the phone conversation for the first time. He said he doesn’t recommend that behavior and he’s not endorsing it.

“It’s been my story, and hm, I’m Scott Hall, and I approve this message,” Hall said, as the original video of the phone conversation followed.

You can see the video below.