Roberts takes a dig at Warrior, Warrior fires back

Jake Roberts

In a recent interview on Busted Open radio, Jake “The Snake” Roberts had some not-so-nice words to say about the Ultimate Warrior being inducted in the Hall of Fame which resulted in Warrior firing back at Roberts without mentioning his name directly.

“Maybe they’re taking a$$holes and not great talent, I don’t know,” Roberts said when he was asked about his thoughts on Warrior headlining the Hall of Fame this year.

Roberts’ comments didn’t go unnoticed and the Ultimate Warrior used his Twitter account to get back to Jake.

“Question for former talents now “hypocrite” born-again Christians. Where do we go to find you practicing the beliefs of Christianity? Hell? One a-hole instills honor and pride, The other horror and pity, One grows wise on great stories. One reads bathroom stalls and still grovels,” Warrior wrote in two Twitter posts.

Both obviously still have some animosity from their WWE days and if rumors are correct that Roberts will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, this will surely create some even more fireworks between the two.