Jake “The Snake” Roberts apologizes for Warrior remark

Jake Roberts

Jake “The Snake” Roberts apologized for dissing the Ultimate Warrior and said he was just trying to be entertaining while appearing on a radio show but “took things too far.”

Roberts said that he has no business inferring anything negative about him and added that he deserved the Hall of Fame nod and respect for what he accomplished during his career.

Jake said that he’s sharing his recovery path and is doing great “so no pity, bathrooms stalls or groveling,” referring to what Warrior wrote about him.

“I am an addict and alcoholic working every single day to repair and make the best out of the life I have left. I make mistakes, like that comment, but my recovery has been amazing. Jim does not know this Jake. Without realizing or intending to, I fired the first shot and will take Jim’s response without any negativity towards him. I apologize and am putting behind me.”