Ric Flair owes almost a quarter of a million dollars in taxes and penalties


Ric Flair’s problems with his wife are just one part of his headaches as the Charlotte Observer newspaper revealed that the former champ owes thousands of money to the government.

Flair has a federal tax lien for $237,436 in unpaid taxes, interest and penalties and owes the N.C. Department of Revenue $41,358 in taxes, penalty and interest.

That is on top of what his soon-to-be ex-wife is claiming she’s owed $14,000 in support and $15,000 in legal fees that were part of the separation agreement.

Meanwhile, Ric Flair’s attorney, Larry Hewitt, is saying that his client is denying all the allegations of misconduct that his wife is basing her complaint on. “He contends she committed acts of marital misconduct and domestic violence. The issues will all be resolved in the courtroom,” he said.