Rhyno entering the world of politics and running for State Representative


Terrance Gerin, better known to wrestling fans as Rhyno, announced a few days ago on Twitter that he is entering the political world and is running to become State Representative for his district in Dearborn, Michigan.

Rhyno told FOXSports.com that he told Vince McMahon about his plan a few months ago backstage at a WWE show and that McMahon was supportive of his decision. “I told Vince, ‘I hope I make you proud,’” Rhyno told FOXSports. ”He said, ‘You already have.’ He then followed up by saying if there was anything (WWE) can do to help to let them know.” The former WWE, ECW, and NXT star then added, “He didn’t ask what party I was running for or this and that. The McMahons’ love for their country is just contagious.”

Asked about Donald Trump, the WWE Hall of Famer who has a good shot at becoming the Republican Party nominee for the upcoming 2016 elections, he said that he’s “not sold” on him yet and he’s backing Ohio governor John Kasich in the race.

Rhyno also revealed that he’s in negotiations to sign a WWE Legends deal.