Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio appear at AAA’s Triplemania XXII event


As expected, Alberto Del Rio appeared live at the Triplemania XXII event in Mexico yesterday but the other surprise was that Rey Mysterio also appeared via a video at the end of the pay-per-view.

Del Rio, who used his WWE music, opened the show and ripped WWE a new one, accusing them of racism before he was interrupted by Konnan and his group. Del Rio, now using the name of El Patron, was joined by his father Dos Caras, cleared the ring when he was going to be attacked and performed the arm bar as well.

Rey Mysterio, who has been absent from WWE television for months and is reportedly very unhappy in WWE and wants to leave, sent in a video message which aired after the main event of the show.

Wearing a sombrero and one of his masks, Mysterio congratulated AAA and told them he’d be there soon. After the interview, a #FreeRey message was shown on the screen.

The contract situation with Mysterio and WWE is a bit messy and originally, Mysterio’s contract ran out when he was injured a few months ago. WWE opted to extend his contract for the same amount of time he was injured, something which is outlined in every contract and activated by WWE as they see fit.

You can see Del Rio’s segment and Rey’s message at the pay-per-view below.