Paige’s brother Zak posts on Facebook calling for help for his sister


Paige’s brother Zak posted a message on Facebook calling for help to save his sister from being the next Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse. He wrote that he is posting on behalf of the whole family.

“I’ve got too say I’m very worried about my sister. Please keep a eye on her, she had one prick known as Brad Maddox who took advantage of an 18 year old girl. Physically and mentally abused her. And now she’s with a control freak who think he’s a tough guy cause he’s beats my sister and has money too cover his tracks,” Zak wrote.

Maddox was involved in many of the leaked photos and videos of Paige and is also seen filming Paige and Xavier Woods having sex.

“I love my sister. She will end up like Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse. Please share this, I want the world to know that I care about my lil sister…..everyone keep an eye on her.”

Paige’s father Ricky “will have his say later,” Zak wrote and the dad, who was swamped with links from fans posting the incident on his Facebook and Messenger wrote, “Yes, I have seen the reports reference my daughter. I am not Stevie f**king Wonder so please stop sending links.”